View Full Version : Make COD:MW3 4 player survival instead 2!

06-25-2011, 09:15 PM
ACTIVISION im here to inform you my opinion,PLEASE make it 4 player survival or co-op instead of 2.:o

DAMN i wont be happy if 2 player killing all the way to survive.

You need to understand people need to comunicate to more players to enjoy the fun,2 really seems to look like gay!

Anyone agree this?

06-29-2011, 08:53 AM
I believe it is more interesting playing 4 people than two, but because I always think on strategy and... sincerely, impossible with two people agains 150 enemies =S
Some coop maps should be for more than 2 players, but it's true that somw of the are ok with only two players (more difficult and exciting)

Thanks Activision for your magnificent games!!

And Steam! Please! Post the CoD MW3 Pre-order!! =P