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07-04-2011, 05:32 AM
Hi I am really surprised these features haven't been put in yet but here goes.. hopefully I will be heard.

More Library sorting options:
I would like the ability to sort my library games by date purchased, Hours played etc but most importantly by genre. I have so many games on steam that I have no idea what half of them are, and sometimes I want to just play a FPS or a RPG and its tiresome going through each game to see what is going to suit my needs.
Game previews & description on Library page:
For the same reason as the above, I would like to see a preview of the store page with description and metascore rating etc on each library game's tab.
The ability to purchase gifts & self purchases at the same time:
I want to see the ability to be able to purchase games for myself at the same time as purchasing gifts for my friends for the same reasons as below..
The ability to purchase multiple gifts at the same time addressed to different users:
Sometimes I buy 4 copies of something for my friends so we can play together.. and when I do this, my credit card ends up being blocked because of all the separate transactions.
It is really stupid that it is like that.. you should be able to add multiple additions of the same game to your basket and add a email/username for each addition before checkout. And no, steam wallet is not an acceptable solution for this problem, because it is too much messing around and you can only add set amounts of funds which is often very inconvenient because all games are priced oddly for people not in the US. So you end up adding 20 for a bundle of games that cost 12.
The ability to see more info about a store listing by mousing over the link, which would include whether or not you already own the game, metascore rating etc

Well that is it for now, I am sure I will think of more stuff but I think I have covered the most important ones. I really think ALL of these suggestions should be looked at with serious consideration.

If any users agree then please post about it and hopefully something will be done.


07-04-2011, 05:49 AM
Good post. All suggestions are beneficial.

My only issue is the last one. In order for the page to check if you own the game or not you'd need to always be logged in. I almost never login my steam account on the webstore, as I do my shopping from within steam.exe

All in all, 5 star post.

/signed +1

07-04-2011, 06:08 AM
Good suggestions, good post!

The first suggestion (better library sorting) makes frequent appearances in this forum. For the life of me, I can't figure out why a request for such basic functionality continues to go unheeded.

07-04-2011, 06:30 AM
Cheers guys! I am baffled as well that these simple things have never been put in.

And about the last suggestion, I mainly meant it for the client. And I think logging in before you do any browsing is a small price to pay for the luxury of having the ability to mouse over what games you are curious about to find out if you already own it or not. I have over 400 games now and I always have to check if I own something older than 1+ years before I look at it. But its annoying going to each games store page just to do this, especially when Steam can be painfully slow on some days and often times out.
Also, when you click the back button it never takes you back to the portion of the browsing list you were upto, so that is another reason why I want the mouse-over feature.

Cheers! :cool: