View Full Version : Can someone please explain this solution to me?

07-05-2011, 09:23 PM
So I recently got this game and am enjoying it very much. I'm getting the hang of the mechanics but I got stuck on "Best Left Unanswered". I decided to check out some Youtube solutions and ran across this one:


I have created the solution exactly as this and can confirm it works. What I don't understand is how the bonders can bond three times with only 2 bonding pads. If you watch closely, the first bond actually does a double bond right away, skipping the single bond. And you will also notice that there are only two bonding commands on red as well. Is this solution exploiting a bug?

07-05-2011, 10:03 PM
The Blue waldo also has a bond+. If two bond+s are hit at the same time, it will double-bond.

07-06-2011, 04:50 AM
Ya, a very important part to making extremely efficient reactors is to understand that you can stack commands like that. I believe the game will give the red waldo presidence in such circumstances, firing the red command just before the blue command. But both will happen on the same cycle.

This is really useful in some areas, like when you have multiple fusions to do. Red waldo can just do a long string of Input, while blue is doing a string of fuse commands. Saves a lot of space, especially on the crazy ones where you have to fuse many many times.

A lot of people are also unaware of how you can use the red or blue waldo to do the other colors job. What I mean is, using the blue waldo to do input on alpha, when it's traditionally / default is to do input on beta. Or outputting for the other Output than it's normal default. Very very useful.