View Full Version : many bugs

07-30-2011, 09:30 AM
ok i aint gonna judge ppl in wat they think abt DEAD HORDE,i have my own opinion on games:) ok heres the flaws to the game i have experinced over the 20 hrs ive played

1. giong in the hummer verchile,the gun does not fire until i renter then works
2. in coop invisible walls if out of range from partner
3.the recharge could be quicker when rolling from danger(hard or above mode)
4.reloading on the primary gun very slow,would like to see a secondary(gets u out of danger if other weapons have no ammo left)
5.junk yard running from danger fell into pile of cars stuck in area but glitch-still alive? had to restart checkpiont( was in coop)
6.clymores in game instead of bettys pretty usless unless fully upgraded(hard mode and above)
7.when switching to weapons delayed auto switch assigned key not responding
8.key assignments, mmb cant be used,as im a left hander i use the mmb for my use key(primitive)
9.running over zombies in hummer or any verchile disturbing and annoying sounds
10.i know graphics does make a game any better but the animation could be more pleasing to see that dying on the spot hover for a few secs than die still standing lol mybe a decapp implamented at some stage

thats ma view so far ppl,overall the game i give 5/10