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07-30-2011, 03:35 PM
I'm not sure if there are any guides available such as this, but since I can't find any, I decided to make one for all to use when in need. At the time of writing I have only just entered chapter 2. As such I will add content as I go. Without further ado, the guide.

First things first: the easiest way to go for treasure, is by simply entering 'practice' mode to directly go to a specific area. The treasure item will be the exact same as it would be if you'd unlock it in story mode, so there isn't a downside at all (unless you are trying to clear an entire map worth of treasure).

Treasure item
pedo Priest's hint
Description (that's right, I'm telling you how to get the treasure in plain, boring white. DEAL WITH IT).

Tutorial 3
Golden Pedestal
Face down the powerful enemy!
On the east side of the map, there's a bit of elevated ground, leading to a small... 'pocket' that is just sticking out of the map, so to speak. You can't really miss it if you just check the bottom right (south-east) of the mini-map. In this area, there are 4 silver slimes. They can't attack, but have a very high amount of defense. The only thing that harms them early on are double-water (blue) and double-electric (green) gem attacks. The slimes are stopped by an invisible wall, so taking advantage of that, you can take all four out with a single double-electric gem attack.

Terran Ruins
Path to ruins
+10 max HP
If you wait long enough, something strong may appear...
Defeat all enemies, then head back toward the town. A silver slime will spawn in your way. Defeat it to unlock the treasure (same as the other silver slimes; double-electric or double-water gem attack).
Ruined main gate
Wooden Shield
If something looks suspicious, hit it!
Move straight ahead over the bridge and attack the nearest, left pillar. Note that this area has a treasure chest already spawned in it! from the entrance to this area, go left, and move along the passage.
Grand staircase
Leather Gloves
Treasure does love hiding in the dark.
Destroy all the torches.
Focus Staff
Try destroying the thing that feels out-of-place.
Go up the stairs and to the right, then follow the path along the wall (takes two jumps). Stand at the edge, and use a double-water gem attack to break the barrel.
Speed Boots
Try slaying the strongest enemies first.
Ignore all enemies in this area, and kill the hopping skeleton at the end first of all.
Deepest Caverns
+10 health
Torment the enemy before you kill them! Yes, torment!
Destroy the Terran Golem's 'shoulders' (the large, blue diamond-shaped crystals). You can lock on to them (press the camera button a few times, or try turning the camera left/right while locked onto the Golem). The easiest way to destroy the crystals is with double-electric and/or double-water gem attacks. Note that there is another treasure chest in this area, sortof hidden behind a pillar. It contains an item that heals 100 hp (it's automatically used upon opening the chest).
Insect King's Lair
Back Scratcher
Remember to keep your head cool.
This is a special boss unlocked if you have found all the hidden treasures of the Terran Ruins map. You can access it only in time trial (practice) mode. The treasure is simple to find; simply stand in the large puddle of water and wait for one of the boss enemies to roll into the water.

That's it for now, just the tutorial treasure and the entire Terran Ruins map, but more will be added soon!

07-30-2011, 08:21 PM
Here's what I used to get all the treasues.


Some of the names were translated differently but it's still quite easy to match up.

07-31-2011, 04:24 AM
i used http://blackguard.darkstargamers.com/Chantelise/Walkthrough which is a very good info site for this game. Also has all the fish locations.

07-31-2011, 07:53 AM
I would recommend the Youtube videos (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fR3ymQA8as). Visuals help in many cases.