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07-31-2011, 08:19 PM
Just finished Ben There, Dan That. Firstly, what a great great game! Funny, lovely visuals and just fun. It really is right up there as one of my favourite point & click adventures. Next weekend I play to play Time Gentlemen Please and hopefully that will be just as good.

I wanted to say, this game works so so well with the 360 controller if you use Xpadder. I used the keyboard for 30mins at the start, but being more of a console gamer I set up the 360 controller via Xpadder and it worked perfectly.

I mapped the following keys to the buttons

Right stick was move cursor,
Right trigger was left click,
Left trigger was right click,

Talk (T key) to RB,
Dan (D key) to LB,
Walk (W key) to X,
Use (U key) to A,
Item (I key) to B,
Look (L key) to Y,
Inventory (Tab key) to SELECT.

I feel the game is more relaxed/fun with the controller as you can just lay back on the sofa and enjoy. But the main reason for this post is that I feel the developer should add in controller support so that everyone can play it this way without needing to use XPadder.

It really is perfect with the controller. I was worried the cursor would move too slow but it didn't at all. Also, it would be nice if they somehow got the Steam overlay working ingame, cos I wanted to take some screenshots showing the funny dialogue but the F12 screenshot didn't work :(

If people saw some of the funny lines in this game it would probably shift more copies of the game, so I think it would be worth the developers getting it working.

All in all, fantastic game!

08-01-2011, 08:46 AM
Ha ha, thanks for your input. I've not heard of Xpadder, I'll take a look.

Putting native controller controls in may prove a bit tricky, I'm afraid. I'll look into it though...