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08-05-2011, 01:56 PM
Maybe this would've been better suited under one of the other posts since it seems to follow the same general thought or sentiment. If this is the case I do apologize!

I would just like to say that in what I've played so far I am finding the game to be quite enjoyable, and not as buggy as I had thought it would be from reading everyone's opinions, reviews, etc.

As far as the bugs go, I suppose that I am not seeing any of the reported issues since I'm using nvidia card (as opposed to an ATI). Furthermore, the game does perform quite well on my PC with all the bells and whistles turn up/on with the exception of blur which I suspect would make me motion sick.

Concerning what attracted me, and the gameplay itself. I was actually more or less attracted by the game initially based on the idea that you had a greater amount of customization of your avatars than in most games, and from what I'd seen on youtube and the like it had looked quite nice even if you were locked to one gender. The next thing that interested me was the idea of the smart/parkour like system that was in place for movement.

Now I suppose I should have said that the shooting interested me, but I couldn't decide one way or another since I'd never really dabbled in the shooting genre of games but rather the games I've played that have even really involved shooting would've been Doom 2 year on years ago, Mass Effect 1/2, and Global Agenda. Whilst when I did try some of the other more traditional games I ended up doing badly, not having any fun and finishing the "round" with a not so nice round of motion sickness >.>

Either way though I must say that I do appreciate the mechanics of the shooting aspect, in that it doesn't seem to be one that requires you to move at a fast or dizzying pace whilst gunning everything down like a one person army. But rather you can sit back if you wish and shoot at things whist helping your team mates (AI or people) out.

Next, as referenced earlier I really do enjoy the parkour like mechanics and did feel that to an extent they did reflect the ones in, "Mirror's Edge" no pun intended (that time!) to the point where I found that I could execute some of the similar actions with this game. (Wall jumping/briefly running to gain extra horizontal distance, etc)

Finally, from what (little) I've seen thus far. The level design is quite nice both in lay out, and in terms of appearance.

As for the criticisms so far, at the moment I really do not have many since I've not played so far so this is subject to change! But I've found that so far that the clothing selection is more limited than what I thought it would be. This is especially the case when they dropped female models when stating that they wanted to make more clothing choices available as one of the reasons.

The next thing I've found so far which caused me some hangups is that it really does not seem to be indicated from the beginning what class is needed for the mission when you start. IE for the first mission, I spent a while "guarding the door" until it dawned on me that I could come back as a soldier to blow it up. Now I do admit that part of this could've been due to my inexperience with FPS games, but why didn't the AI try to go soldier and plant the bomb itself? This being that the enemy AI is quite adept at bringing in engineers to disarm the bombs at least.

Finally, I've noticed at least in the first level that appeared that the game is easier for the "resistance" characters, as opposed to the "security" characters. Now this may be inaccurate since I am basing this from having tried the first mission once as security, and then having tried it again in multiplayer as the resistance side. In doing so, I found that it was much easier to hold the enemies at bay, and did so for the 12 or so minutes that were remaining of the last objective. Whilst in single player I found myself stuck on the other side of a similar bottle neck for most of the round.

Overall I'm going to continue playing the game and if I like it will end up picking it up because I am finding it quite fun thus far, and it doesn't hurt that I am able to get it for half the price along with a DLC to boot.

08-05-2011, 02:00 PM
i just played for the first time and although not terrible, most of the time people just stood around and shot at a wall of guys on the other side. I must have been like 15-1 every game. I was just slaying guys like they werent even looking at me, I thought something was wrong. Seems like an okay game and you can tell a lot of work went into it, but it just doesnt feel very smooth once youre playing it

08-06-2011, 07:54 AM
Yes, there are some heavy balance bias issues on certain maps. You can observe these from the public brink stats on the website. Map redesign for rebalance does not seem to be anywhere on SD'd todo list so you'll just have to live for now knowing you have a 25% chance of winning on a particular map.

Secondly there are many AI irks, the kamikaze medics which you raised is certainly one most evident. That particular action is to ensure that the human player a high chance to get right back into action when playing with bots (I would assume).

@mojoman0, bot AI scales with character level, so their performance for first impressions is not really a good immediate marker. Certainly if you're playing offline on hard at higher levels, bots will definitely swivel around locate your position immediately.