View Full Version : Needs more variables for modding [Suggest them here!]

08-05-2011, 11:13 PM
Post here if you want specific variables for modding...

For mine:

1) More ZED "gates" and able to adjust how many gates per level of outbreak... So number of spawners to use for daytime since night time uses all the spawners.

Possibly a [ZED_SPAWNERS = 3]

2) Able to choose whether to align these gates next to one another, have them randomly appear at difference edges of the map at each mission, or have them randomly appear EACH wave at any possible edge of the map.


3) Outbreaks occuring each month needs a tweak for modding, I'm trying to get a 1/3 chance a outbreak lv4 can pop up and infect other territories but it never does show up... Tutorial outbreaks seems to override this...

I'm working on a Super AZS mod and 3 zombie spawning gates near a single road can be lame since you can camp a infantry there...

I wondered about the "Away" Missions for the other units though... Why can't the number of trained units actually mean something when you aren't using them?

Like implementing a Co-Commander that helps you attack another territory when your tackling one another. Success rate depends on the units and the Co's skills I guess... And this might make the world map mode even more complex.

08-08-2011, 07:43 AM
Yeah, the additional outbreak levels don't seem to really pick up in intensity.

A level 10 outbreak is way easier than it should be

08-08-2011, 06:52 PM
All weapons upgrades, and sci-point upgrades should be modifiable to level 10...
Many of them do this, others drop off at 4 and 5 for a cap point.
I wrote a 'Long Game Mod' that plays well,
After some play testing I realized that some of the upgrade levels I wrote in where gone.
Turns out many of the 'Merc Stats' & 'Upgrades, Purchaseables' still cap out at there natural/vanilla points.
If I copy the line 'XXX_BlahBlah_4'
Then paste XXX_BlahBlah_5 and continue to 10, the game should understand.