View Full Version : 29.99 punds at steam for UK 49.99euro EU

08-06-2011, 06:01 AM

I hate steam prices.

29.99punds are 34,92 euro. Anyone can resell this for 3-5 euro extra to european players easily. It's still much cheaper than 49.99euro.

Now US/UK scammers can live on reselling the steam games to european players. It's only a matter of time before secret steam shops will open reselling steam games for an extra $5. Why not open an ebay account and resell steam cdkeys?

Good job steam!

I will buy this game from gamersgate or direct2drive because I do not approve this.

Welcome to the future:
"Charlie 1455 posts
I bought a cd key from one of those key sellers, $28AUS. Why pay $50?"

After some research I found this page:
.<< Unauthorized Reseller >>. (Steam censored the link and name, they are aware of the issue yet they continue scamming us).

So I guess people are already earning good money from cdkey reselling. Money that could go to the developers and publishers. I know this website does not sell cdkeys directly from steam but they are promoting some of the keys as "steam cdkey". Of course people will buy their cdkeys with a 50% off discount instead of buying it directly from steam.