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08-07-2011, 12:32 AM
Hey guys, I just reached the veil, and pretty easily got the Feather-Mouthe achiev. Now, I'm trying to get the Monkey Flinger and the High Dive (which I suspect, is either done here or from the top of the turtle cave).

Saddly, I have no idea as to how I can fling a monkey. I jumped into one with beast form, made it fall into the water. No achievement.

As for high dive, I dived from the top of the central island in the veil, nothing. Then I went to the top of the turtle cave (where the urchin armor is), and after many many tries (I'd often jump into another bubble, or on the walls), I finally managed to dive from the top to the pound of water. Here again, nothing.

Any help ?

08-07-2011, 06:12 AM
Nature Form briar

Far right side of the veil, where the Ruhk nest is

08-08-2011, 01:54 PM

08-29-2011, 02:28 PM
since i didn't understand from these replies: for the high dive achievement, you have to wall climibing the far east vertical wall in the veil. it is easiest done with nature form, by jumping and using plant spikes

10-03-2011, 10:08 PM
You don't even need the plants for it. Once you reach the Sun Temple entrance you should already have Beast form by then and from there just proceed to the right of it and look for the entrance that leads upward and do a bunch of wall jumps (believe me, it's a good practice spot to get the hang of this since you'll make use of it later on). Once you reach the top there should be a bunch of Rukh nests. You can kill the Rukh up there and grab the egg and then while still in Beast form just proceed to dive off that ledge where the nests are and back into the water.

The achievement should unlock the minute (second? eh) you hit the water. If it doesn't, just head back up and jump again.