View Full Version : Sent friend invitations... where are they now?

08-10-2011, 12:50 AM
Before this latest update, I remember I could send an invitation and would see who I sent it to by scrolling all the way down in my friends list. If I wanted I could remove it and it would act as being canceled.

This was a valuable way to get profile links of scammers whose profile we didn't know but whose e-mail we DID know (paypal/chargeback/etc). We'd add them through the e-mail, get the profile, and warn the community about them.

Now it doesn't display. They can cancel the invitation and we'll never know to which steam account that e-mail belongs to.

Another point is that I've erroneously sent friend invitations in the past. I would simply like to cancel the invitation and avoid the whole awkwardness of telling them it was a mistake, blah blah.

Unless I am not seeing an option anywhere to enable it back on, it's no longer there. Help, Steam?