View Full Version : found the reason why source lags so much

12-12-2004, 11:38 PM
ok this is why source lags a lot, i notice that lowering down your maxrate dosent really change much, its the updaterate, CSS seems to update too fast that you have to bring it down to make it a little bit better, i notice that lowering it to 6 will let you handle 16 players and without really causing problems.

if any of you have this problem with lags on server that has upload speed of 384 up to 1,500 kbps (not mbps) try lowering your maxupdaterate to 6 and your maxrate to 3000, you will be suprise how much more players your server can handle.

1,500 kbps upload speed that i got can only handle 8 players if i put maxrate to 3000 and updaterate to 20, so i decided to lower the updaterate to 6 and Woo hoo now the server can even handle 16 players with 40 to 50 pingers from my local area
players. it comes to conclusion that the updaterate that CSS is doing is just too much and i dont know why they made it that way, they have to tweak this updaterate issue, i called my friends on the server to see if they having problems with maxupdaterate set as low as 6 and they said no, they are all running fine and weapon accuracy is fine.

valve should look into this, they need to tweak this down, seems like srcds.exe has bug in it, its not optimize correctly.

oh and about the chokes issue, forget it lower rates dosent really do any thing, i tried going on my server by my self and i get chokes, even if im connecting via LAn and the server has default rate settings, but seems like no players are really getting effected by it, i got players in my local area to help me test this situation

12-13-2004, 12:06 AM
heres a proof that lowering your updaterate dose help the server function better