View Full Version : Tradable items should be stored in our libraries

08-12-2011, 08:54 AM
Checking out the new Steam beta with friends-tagging and tradable items. I think tradable items should be accessed from our libraries (ie, the Library tab at the top of Steam) - so when we click on the Library tab we should be able to then click on the drop-down selector and skip through All Games, Recently Played, Installed, Media, Tools - and Tradable Items

It would also be great to have some way of publishing our tradable items to a market-place, so that each Steam user can see what all of their friends have to offer in one place. Then it would be more accessible and easy to use and make trade offers. I'm itching to use it but I don't feel like clicking through a couple hundred friends to see what they have!

p.s. the friends-tagging feature in the new Steam beta is a good start!