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12-13-2004, 05:38 PM

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this thread and provide me with any assistance you can render.

-- I wish to disable voice chatting on our server. I do understand that it can be disabled for each individual person in player options, yet we would prefer it to be disabled entirely. I currently have voice_allow 0 in the server.cfg file, but clearly, this isn't having any effect. What do I need to do?

-- Cheating. Rampant cheating. Our clan expanded with a CSS division upon the release of HL2, and although we never participated in CS, we were aware of the widespread reputation for cheating (possibly exaggerated) in this community.

Unfortunately, we seem to have experienced the cheating first hand on our own server. Thus far we have witnessed, from two players, their blatant ability to move as fast as they wish. While watching in spectator mode for several rounds, a member of our clan noticed they were initially able to run 50% faster than their teammates, even while they are holding a clarion and their teammates a knife. And then, to the suprise of everyone on the server, this one individual was instantly able to 'warp' to the terrorist spawn point on Italy, immediately after the weapon purchase. We did have the sv_maxspeed 320 variable in our server.cfg file. Does this have any effect, positive or negative, on so called "speed hacks?"

In a few other instances, we have noticed questionable aiming abilities while observing in spectator mode; movement that looked extremely mechanical and purposeful. In these cases, the suspected player would appear to click the trigger and instantly be able to achieve head shots on, say, four players with four shots of his weapon, regardless of their position in relation to him. Without having any concrete evidence, we have thus far chosen not to ban these players.

What can we do to combat cheating on our server? I have read in some threads on this forum that the VAC has not yet been implemented for Source games. Are there third-party programs we can use?

Any advice, documentation, or resource will be greatly appreciated.

12-14-2004, 07:23 AM
To disable voice chat, place the following line in your server.cfg

sv_voiceenable 0

As far as the cheats go, this is a wide spread problem with no fix. All you can do is ban/kick cheaters. However, I am in the smae boat you are. Without concrete evidence I have a hard time justifying a ban or kick. We just need to wait for VAC or another alternative.