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08-15-2011, 05:55 PM
Here is my list of suggestions as copied from Steam Trade Beta Aug 11 discussion. NOT ALL mine (but many are, of course many of these are obvious ideas!)

We can't wait to get some feedback Valve ? can we have these ? nothin more nothin less needed :D perhaps more.. but nearly all of these appear to be high priority

Edit - Valve rules :D


- Profile private in some parts not others (backpack public, profile not, etc)
- See other persons backpack when trading them. Good for random trades.
- Profile trading, offers and complete trades all through an offer system in profile
- Search, within users in a chat, and entire database. Stats ! fact of how many exist
- Marking items for trade or not for trade. Or maybe later. Option to show only stuff for trade
- More IRC style in chat, including the above search with !find or !search
- Small icons multi drag and drop, full info tooltips for less spammy trading in chatrooms
- Better inventory options so it looks like backpack, and can be sorted
- Sorting and then SAVING of favourite BP layouts from the browser (or game?)
- Topics for chatrooms and !motd and !rules as well
- Friend search and rating system. Personal note system too
- Matchmaking trading perhaps
- Out of bp trading as suggested above. Ability to leave messages or trade offer
- Steam wallet as a payment method, 1 to 1.5% fee to withdraw
- Games never played to be allowed to be gifted away
- CD Keys allowed to be entered into inventory
- Edit tag names, delete tags
- Custom friend names (is kinda like tags but not)
- Drag and drop tag reordering of friends
- Cleanup of old friend info in registry when gets large
- Add option: "Do not display offline contacts in Tags"
- Move the Tabs ("Friends"/"Groups") to the very right instead of left
- Show friends in main list even when tagged (as option?)
- If lowering volume with Windows 7 application volume control, raise back to normal level afterwards
- Right click player options View Inventory (goes to web), Search Inventory (asks for search terms)
- Item levels in backpack, game, and in the trade window "X added Earbuds (Level 100)
- Item count next to both users items offered. No counting on big trades
- Item list with names, somewhere in the chat window (main menu?)
- Click above item list would take you to an item search for that item in steam browser
- Steam blotter of trades, but as an option. Private, public, or none.
- Show OWNER: under dropped icons, either in single icon, multi, large or small mode
- Voice chat phone hangup sound
- OFFLINE group
- OFFLINE tag applied by default to offline users ? hmm
- Larger friends list and/or the suggestion to users (by Valve) for IRC style trading
- !scammer scanning ! we want our chatrooms clean, this would let us ban quick
- Option on chatrooms to be "TRADE ROOM" or "CHAT ROOM", useful for lobby/searching for chatrooms
- Trading in old games for some wallet credit
- Popup at bottom right when someone sends a trade, clicking it does nothing ? should take you to the trade
- A WAY TO BAN CHAT USERS WHO HIT AND RUN (cant ban after they have left?) I have his profile/steamid, he pasted a phishing link to a tf2Ltems.com page :|
- OR, if search stuff and better inventory is implemented, option to block URLs totally, in chatrooms
- In FIND AS YOU TYPE finding, allow finding by both original name/desc, and tag text..
- OPTION : Tag New Friends, brings up tag dialog after adding someone or accepting someone's add
- FIND AS YOU TYPE ? what about phrase search as well like "Level 100" hmm or +level +100 even better IMO
- ANONYMOUS auto-trading. Rather than just find/offer trading, have it automated and remove the item from your BP and complete the trade for you when it finds someone

08-16-2011, 09:21 AM
Lots of these are ideas that we've thought about and would like to do. It's hard to agree that they're all high priority, though.

08-16-2011, 10:21 AM
Yeah, they definitively arnt all priority, or even good ideas, although alot are definitively great.

Glad to see suggestions are being noticed.

08-16-2011, 11:03 AM
Great suggestions, goldnuts!

08-16-2011, 12:16 PM
Lots of these are ideas that we've thought about and would like to do. It's hard to agree that they're all high priority, though.

Thanks, Mike ! I assumed Valve had thought of lots of these, especially with Tony joining the team

Keep up the great work ;D

08-16-2011, 01:23 PM
copy paste from a convo I just had

make the chatroom into irc trading, integrate the search, and people dont even need the chat. but its an option ! and it makes the communities way of trading better imo

screw forums, just have ur inventory page showing whats for sale, for how much, and whats not for sale

if someone offers it, bam it accepts and both ur bp's change automatically

if u ticked that option

and we can all get back to playing tf2 all the time !

or other games..

Please say this is high priority. Before all these great new games come out :] and simply because of the great benefits to all traders

08-16-2011, 01:46 PM
Thanks, Mike ! I assumed Valve had thought of lots of these, especially with Tony joining the teamWho?
- Show friends in main list even when tagged (as option?)This is already in the beta, by the way.

08-16-2011, 04:29 PM
(TF2items/Drunken Fool) incoming soon ? :D seems perfect if doing search and inventory stuff

Loving this change in trading so far, can't wait for more

08-16-2011, 04:30 PM
(TF2items/Drunken Fool)

LOL, no. He hasn't started yet.

08-16-2011, 05:07 PM
But he can work on that stuff right ? :D I would think so :)

How about this..


When ticked - a friend request comes.. and I ACCEPT, bring up the tag screen for that person, right after :D

AH and of course !! some way to TAG AFTER I ADD someone !

08-16-2011, 08:04 PM
This is already in the beta, by the way.

Where is this? It was showing my tagged friends in both lists the other day but now its not..

08-16-2011, 09:24 PM
First off, love the list.

Secondly, I love that Valve replied to it. Valve is still the best company out there.


08-16-2011, 09:29 PM
If thay don't make the games playable offline with out downloading a crack from Skidrow I'm not going to give them any more money. When I'm not close to a internet server It really SUCKS that you can't play single player games because you have to be login to a steam server to start game.

08-17-2011, 12:39 AM
OK here is my suggestions/requests.

There are 2 bugs in steam that kind of annoy me.

1). When using beta if I right click someone and goto view aliases it only shows their current name the first time, but the second time works fine.

2). When you add someone and then remove them before they have accepted your friend request, the next time you add them it says they're ignoring you. To fix this at the moment you need to block the person then unblock them just to re-add them.


The fact that Valve doesn't try to protect the people in the community by allowing trusted peoples profile to be copied including name, pic and profile text. This needs to be fixed ASAP, in the past month I have had ~10 people impersonate me and scam/try to scam people. The amount of reports I've had to help people with is crazy. If you can do this Valve you will pretty much eliminate scamming now that trade beta is here. It is something I have asked for in nearly every report I have written. Even when I have written a support ticket to get someone to read it all I get is an automated response telling me to post in the forums, even though I have taken the time to raise awareness of this with you. I have spent countless hours being falsely accused of scamming due to people impersonating me and also countless hours trying to help people file reports properly against the scammers. As a loyal customer of Valve and someone who helps keep the community safe from scammers, I believe that I should at least have the support from the company who allows such things to happen. Just because people are trusted in the community it doesn't mean that they should be alone in processing scammers, Valve should be more proactive. People have lost thousands upon thousands of dollars to impersonators and it needs to stop.

Sorry for the long post in your thread goldnuts, you know how I feel about this stuff. I also agree we need steam wallet funds transfer for items/games and withdraw feature.

08-17-2011, 12:42 AM
Oh, and one more thing...

When you report someone you SHOULD receive a notification about any action taken as a result of the report. That way you know that your report was actually looked at by someone, as I assume most aren't and are just handled by auto-response programs.

08-17-2011, 03:02 AM
Great point, I meant to bring these things up actually !! was just thinking about it the other day, why can a profile of someone who is clearly reputable, be copied. Why isn't their profile blocked from the change ! at the very least their name should be changed to ***** like if you try to call yourself VALVE :>

And that should persist on the community page as well, if it doesn't already

GREAT suggestion

08-17-2011, 03:06 AM

What would happen if I created a Tag called FRIENDS. Not keen to try this myself.

Possible feature: Auto tagging (I would like everyone I accept, to get TRADER tag without me having to find it in the list and tick it each time someone adds me)

I get way too many adds, even when I say "dont add me" in my steam name ! today, I tagged everyone whos a random trader, to get my friend list nice and small ! very happy with tags. VERY.

Feature : what about phrase search as well like "Level 100" hmm or +level +100 even better IMO

08-19-2011, 03:53 PM
Updated with a slight change, but a big one. The matchmaking or whatever should be ANONYMOUS if wanted. Great idea. I'm sure you'll notice the 4 starred thread already but bumping anyway

08-23-2011, 04:28 AM
Hmmmm looks like Valve might not be checking this thread again, come on Valve we need some of this implemented, especially NO copying trusted peoples profiles/names!

08-23-2011, 07:58 AM
Updated with a slight change, but a big one. The matchmaking or whatever should be ANONYMOUS if wanted. Great idea. I'm sure you'll notice the 4 starred thread already but bumping anyway