View Full Version : Issue: In-game Actions really weird, is it normal? 20minute Review

08-16-2011, 11:43 AM
Hi, following contains spoiler about very beginning of the game.
However I believe every adventure gamer needs to read it in order to understand the severity of the situation before buying the game. Because it is such an important part of adventure games as well as, we get to expect it without asking and it might be a deal breaker for some. Yet, game seems quite good, I hope this is a user-specific issue so that I can fix it and resume

The case can be described as: The game does not have special animations for every actions of Mata Hari, rather she has only 1 type of animation (her arms get opened and closed) for any action she performs and even the supposed object does not appear in her hands, moreover at the background scene result is instant.

For example,
To close the window at the beginning of the game where zollinger is sleeping, we get to obtain a hook. When I used that hook against the window I expected hook to appear from nowhere or from her pocket and she should have moved the window by using it and window got closed. However what happened is she opened and closed her arms then the window is closed and the hook in the inventory got disappeared.


another VERY obvious weirdness is when you give zollinger a bottle of whiskey or Pillow under the head. we dont see the whole bed, OK, but she walks to the foot-side of it then she does her arm animation and then the dialogue comes as if she put the pillow under his head, he falls asleep etc


Is this a normal issue for everyone? Or somehow some files are missing or I dunno I should unlock something or my graphics card is not egligible to do so or etc?

Now, as I am merely into the game, I still OBVIOUSLY expect it to have animations for really important times in the story. But this is such an essential thing that even oldest games such as sanitarium, broken sword II , syberia has animations for at least the objects around.

I am very disappointed about this. I cant believe it was 40USD. Even 5dollars is too much if such animation-less non-interaction with environment continues for all the gameplay:(