View Full Version : Settings don't stay on next start up

Nth RooCH
08-20-2011, 08:04 PM
Hey guys. I absolutely ADORE this game, so getting it running flawlessly is really important to me. I'm playing on an Acer Aspire One laptop. It just, repeat JUST runs this title smoothly. The problem I'm having is, every time I start up the application, the resolution and quality settings are not set. I have to log into my profile, go into settings and click "Apply" for it to finally revert to the low quality, 640x480 settings. The problem I have with this is, when I start up the game, it SERIOUSLY does a number on my machine. I think it's running at 1280x1024 and with medium settings, and I worry I might ♥♥♥♥ my notebook each time the game starts. Is there any way of getting it to start and stay at 640x480 with low settings? Is there a config file that determines this at start up, rather than just the profile?

Any help appreciated.