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08-26-2011, 04:02 PM
Was playing on an old pc, because my current one was away for repairs.
8 year old Athlon 1.6Ghz with 1Gb ram, winxp and some obscure GPU, was running decent with all effects turned off and 20 fps except for the for the fire and water levels with a lot of torches

I got my own machine back again and thought "hey, why not try this nifty backup thing Steam has, instead of trying to find the savefiles myself?" so I made a backup and installed the game again but my save was gone :(

I still have the Steambackup files but is there any way I can get my save extracted from it or is the save not a part of the Steam created backupfiles?

08-28-2011, 09:34 PM
I am facing problem of horrible screen tearing with this game.
I have tried by enabling and disabling the V-Sync but that was not helpful to me. Finally when I turned off the mechanism and then run this game on single fortification then it do not showed me any problem but still I am locked with the 47 fps and have seen that there are many other users who are with the same problem. I think that Chantelise Game do not support the proper frequencies.
Below is the specification for my computer.

Win 7 64
12GB Ram
Intel SSD
Intel 920 @ 4.1
ATI 5870x2 (875/1300)

I also agree with you that the video card driver is the culprit for this problem. So what you can do is delete the video driver from the computer and restart the computer.
After restarting, install the latest download for your strangeness. In many of the similar cases, video driver comes out to be the reason for this and so I think that it may be the same for you as well.
So just maximize the latest video driver and see if that can cure the itch which you are facing with the game.

The video card driver you are utilizing, absolutely in this case with your scaffolding, might be intermingled and matched with the most cutting edge or the old certifications that is good to go.
As Chantelise is A) a "newfangled" PC diversion, B) messengers as of console origins and C) not particularly mandating graphically, it is conceivable but impossible that Company will discharge a emphatic that "fixes" any misleading situations you might be having and specifically screen tearing complications which has the same thing to do with a specific screen being utilized than situations brought on by a GPU.

I am extremely active with the Company beta therefore a bit of truthfulness of your setup would be helpful.
You say you are using the newest downloads, except that might mean anything as of the 57.7, the 57.8 preview otherwise the 46.8 OpenGL 144.6 beta preview which came after OpenGL was invented.
What is accurate driver version that I can use in order to get this problem resolved? What is the precise confliction I must have installed?

I'm really exceptional about maintaining on drivers and will frequently return to a previous discharge if there is a recreation I'll be spending a terrific bargain of time on that has issues with fresher sets...In this case, Chantelise should be whipped in a day or several,
and there is a 0% risk that I'd attempt beta drivers or even downsize to a prior discharge for a 4 hour amusement.

I suppose its plausible that it’s my screen but I play a rather foul mixture of amusements and don't have issues with 99% of them and V-Sync in this case the most effortless result is that the drivers I have now essentially clash with something.