View Full Version : What's the eta for a 64-bit srcds?

12-17-2004, 08:32 PM
I notice in srcds_run there are provisions for an AMD64 binary, but at the moment it defaults to the AMD K7-optimized srcds_amd. I've dumped the ELF headers for srcds_amd, but unfortunately it's only a mere 32 bits. ;) The hlds_amd64 binary is nice, but for the original HL multiplayer I max out my bandwidth before the CPU. For HL2 multiplayer, I'm very interested in a native AMD64 compile to help with the server-side physics calculations.

If anyone from Valve is reading these forums, or anyone who is reading has knowledge pertaining to this matter, I'd love to know whether it's worth it to tough things out using ia32 emulation, or whether the 64-bit srcds is so far away I might as well slap a 32-bit OS on my AMD64 server.