View Full Version : Automate everything except money-making?

09-04-2011, 12:22 AM
I'm into tycoon-ish games at the moment, specifically trading games rather than building games, and I got X3:TC during the GamersGate summer sale because it looked like Eve:Online but without the monthly fees or the server lag.

I know Eve has a pretty deep economic system, but I'm curious how X3:TC is like. Or to cut to the chase, is it possible to play this game like one of the "Patrician" games, where the main focus of the game is building your trading empire, and where combat is secondary or even can be completely automated altogether?

I've been watching a few LPs on youtube for this game, but most people seem to focus on the combat aspects of this game. Which is understandable, but all I really want is another environment to experience trading goods in a dynamic economy. So is the trading aspect of X3:TC as detailed as a game like Patrician, where prices change on a daily basis according to supply and demand? Or is trading just a big grind-fest, where there's no real challenge or strategy to it, except for putting in the time?

People might just reply and say "try and see for yourself", but I wanted to ask here first since this game has a pretty high learning curve and I haven't really accomplished anything yet, except for crashing.

09-04-2011, 06:47 AM

Ware prices are similar to Patrician IV in that NPCs will sell (or buy) a given ware at x on average, but +/- depending on the stock. You can automate trade routes in a similar way to ships using bonus pack software (and your own trading station is a rough equivalent to a counting house), and of course build your own factories/complexes. Patrols and station defence can also be automated (although out-of-sector combat can be quite harsh, attrition-wise).

The Global Decision Engine will also try and balance the supply/demand by removing or adding stations.

However, the supply and demand of wares in the universe doesn't really affect anything except equipping your own ships - the NPC fleets don't care, and it doesn't grow the population or anything.