View Full Version : Camping dead dwarves

09-09-2011, 06:02 AM
I think there needs to be a mechanism to escape from situations where dead dwarves are being camped and are killed again once they respawn.

For example I attacked the 3 dragons in the middle of Dragon's Gate with 5 slightly injured warriors. Well, they lost and were killed by the red one right again once they stood up again. Therefore the game was over. No way to escape.

For Multiplayer games, it sucks as well if an other player camps your dwarves.

How about having the option to choose, whether you want your dwarf to respawn in place (which is usually a good idea if you still have other dwarves around and only weak enemies that won't kill you again) or if you want your dwarf to respawn at the starting point.
This would give you the possibility to escape such hopeless situations.

09-09-2011, 04:31 PM
Yeah! Great idea, and one that we've given a lot of thought to. We think in the sequel we're going to have an economy of sorts where it costs you, well, your victory points, to spawn a new dwarf at your mining camp. Of course, we're thinking of adding a few more classes and a minor leveling mechanism as well, so it might cost more to revive a dwarf that's a veteran than to hire a noobie.

Though, from the particular senario you mention, my best advice is to not attack 3 or more dragons if you're in ANY danger of getting back doored by another player (,though 5 fighters should be able to win that fight). The AI's fighters will do it almost every time :)