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09-14-2011, 02:09 PM
So after playing a few hours of multiplayer I see people making some very basic mistakes, which is normal since this is a new game. Let me offer some advices on the War mode.


Know your map: This is the Number 1 advice. You need to be familiar with every map. A good way to do that is to just play the story mode and try to get the golden keys.

There is a few things you need to know about each map.

The Shortcuts:Every map has one or two shortchuts. Some are so good that may let you skip half of the map. If you dont know how to use or defend them you are giving your opponent a huge advantage.

The Fast Zones:You need to have an idea of how fast the boulder should be going at certain parts of the map as this greatly affect which defenses you can use there. Some parts of the map may allow a very fast boulder going downhill to jump over a large segment of badly placed defenses.

The Chokes:Knowing where are the best chokepoints of every map allow you to place your defenses where you can get the most of them and know where to expect your enemy to place his.

Know your units:

Each unit has its use and upgrades are not always better, so you need to know how to use each of them.

UNITS:Cow: Cheap, but useless as anything else than a bump. Place in front of towers to reduce the speed in which they are hit. Elephant: Great unit, he can hit the enemy boulder and survive a couple of shots. Place in pairs. They work best in chokepoints, in front of tower and places where your enemy is slowed since they can be jumped and are slow themselfs. Tower elephant: The same as the elephant except they carry a tower which makes it harder for boulders to jump over them. Use only if you have a small choke where a normal elephant could be jumped.

CATAPULTS: Catapult: The best piece of defense IMO. They are somewhat cheap, have a good damage and knockback and have the best accuracy of the 3. Don't understimate this one. Use Q and E to rotate them and place behind towers and fans in open areas where the boulder is travelling towards them. They work best in pairs or more. Trebuchet: Similar to the catapult but shoots a small cluster of rocks in an area. It has a terrible aim though so it should only be used if you know the boulder will be dead slow or not moving at all. Ballista: Good damage but seems to only hit boulders that are travelling in a straight line towards it and not very fast.

TOWERS: Level 1: The cheapest tower. Use it as a speed bump. Place on front of jumps to slow the enemy boulder so it misses it. Can be jumped over with some ease. Level 2: Taller medium tower. Good piece of defense. Use it to block paths and protect catapults. Level 3: Best tower but very expensive. Use it only on chokes that only take a few towers to block.

EXPLOSIVES: Level 1: Great blocker. Unlike towers explosives damage a boulder. The downside is their short size which makes them easy to jump over. To counter that, place them on high ground or spread them out in several lines. They can also work in front of towers and behind catapults, so the enemy thinks twice before hitting them. Level 2: More damage but at higher cost. Only use on small chokes where you know he wont be able to jump or dodge.Level 3: Even more damage but it is extremelly expensive and has a 3x3 selection size. The only reason to use it is as a last piece of defense on a point you are 100% sure that it will affect the enemy, otherwise it is not worth it.

FANS: Fan: Another great piece of defense. It blows the enemy away at a short range, but only costs 100. Very fast boulders will not be affected however so place it on the edge of stairs (places where the enemy would like to jump to highground), the end of an extreme turn where the boulder has to change direction and therefore lose speed, behind towers or anywhere the enemy is going at a slow speed. They make a great combo with catapults as they will slow the boulder enough for the catapult to hit and push him even further back. Work best as a wall and in more than 1 line. Cow-Powered: Double the strenght but has a 3x3 area so you cant wall it. Use as a last piece behind towers or at small chokes. Power-Fan:Same as cow-powered but blows in 2 directions.

MINERS: Level 1: This unit will provide a steady income of gold until they are destroyed or until they mine all the gold in the area. This is a vital piece of your defense as the gold they provide allows you to avoid relying on destroying stuff on your runs, which slows and damage you. Place somewhere you know your enemy wont go at the start of a match. In another way you can use it a decoy, luring your enemy somewhere in order to destroy it. Level 2: It extracts the same ammount of gold as level 1 but faster. Use it When you need gold fast or place it at the end of the map if you don't have a safe spot for one. Level 3: A huge area will be mined. Protect it well and place in a hard to reach place where you dont need defenses, since it has a huge seletion area.

FLYING UNITS: Hellicopter: This unit will spot the enemy boulder for your base catapult. It doesnt have the best accuracy though and sometimes it will hit your enemy on the rear giving him a boost in speed. So place on hard to reach places, where the enemy will travel slow or the terrain is difficult. Balloon: Same thing but it summons the level 2 shot. Boat Same thing but its sturdier than the other 2 and summon the cow shot.


Spread your defense: Instead of building one big line of defense where you spend all your money to delay your enemy for 5 or 6 second at top, spread them. Its very hard to actually stop an enemy boulder as they can overcome most defense, so instead you have to delay him the most. That means forcing him out of the best path, closing shortcuts and making jumps harder. Even on chokes try to make more than a single line of defense.

Ballance destroying things with a fast run: You need to hit things on your way down to acquire gold, but it slows and damage you, and you also need to be faster than your enemy. Balance is the keyword here. Even if you dont hit anything on your way down you still get some gold for the gate damage. The best way is to hit only what stands on your chosen path. The miners also help in this matter as it allows you to make speed runs and not care about destroying everything. Need before greed.

Use your boulder upgrades: Sometimes saving a thousand gold for a fiery boulder is worth more than 5 towers. Specially if you are already ahead. It will allow you to blast trough most defenses and greatly reduces your run time. the double jump allow you to reach places that your enemy doesn't expect you to go.

I think that sums it. Practice the maps you like in singleplayer, one at a time, if you want to be better. And as a last advice: don't rage quit. Leaving the game as soon as you make a mistake won't make you any better and its terrible for the player winning. When it's your turn to win you won't enjoy it if the enemy quit 1 min into the game.

09-14-2011, 02:53 PM
very nice guide.

- Flying boat/balloon/Helicopter : They are DEADLY, if you somehow manage to slow the boulder down, especially these natural "stair" jumps in the map is perfect spot to place these guys.

-place the classic tower and hide some explosives or fans behind it, its very effective in uphill locations, secure this with an elephant behint these explosives, they guide the boulder to these barrels:-)

-Donīt waste all money on perfect ball-proof defence one spot, think instead, make some traps with cheap units, lot of players tend to panic, use this fact against them:-)

09-14-2011, 03:28 PM
Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot add is the importance of learning how to use your base catapult to defend. A well placed shot from it can turn a game around. Its hard to predict the boulders movement but with practice it can be done.

09-14-2011, 03:52 PM
Awesome post! You should copy and paste it to this sticky thread (http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2093122) so it doesn't get lost after some time.

09-14-2011, 04:43 PM
Awesome post! You should copy and paste it to this sticky thread (http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2093122) so it doesn't get lost after some time.


Will do.

09-14-2011, 08:34 PM
wow, I'm copying this and pasting in a text document on my desktop for quick reference. Awesome post. Rep+

09-14-2011, 11:26 PM
I would like to add something:

I've finished many MP games and have noticed my opponent has made very little money. (Sometimes as low as $60). I think people are having a hard time understanding that smacking into neutral buildings gives $200 for each one.

09-15-2011, 02:35 AM
Fan -> TNT traps seem to be pretty good...

Has anyone noticed? If you put 1x1 towers, you can still put a 3x3 tower, even if its on mostly decayed ground.