View Full Version : choose your steam shop (country)

09-17-2011, 02:41 AM
I would like to be able to buy games from a UK store so I can buy the uncut versions since I'm living in Germany it is really annoying that i have to order my games from Game.co.uk and than register them here on steam. You are even able to order and download some of the games so why shoulder it be possible to implement the option of changing the steam shop in witch you would like to buy. Of-cause you wouldn't be able to get the German language and stuff but to be honest who cares. I know steam is not allowed to sell those games in Germany but if you had a UK store available it should be no problem and I guess there would be quiet a number of people interested in this.

09-17-2011, 02:41 AM
You can only purchase in euros. Users from the UK can only pay in pounds sterling, they cant use euros and you cant use pounds.