View Full Version : Escape to OVER-RIDE player death wait period.

09-22-2011, 08:13 PM
When you die you have to wait for the green sphere to float about for a few seconds while the game shows you that you died..

You then have to press SKIP then RETRY.

It's slightly irritating for the flow of such a RE-Attempt-able game style. (no it's not a big deal but it's the little things that make something great)

Escape should ALWAYS bring up the option of a restart and do it instantly... (Also, perhaps the ability to turn on or off it ASKING you if you're sure you want to restart, again not a big deal but it will help the flow that the game requires IMHO)

Also, when the camera swings it's way around the exit portal after all enemies are dead would be the Possibility of PiP Picture in Picture view of the portal.

Your character can still remain moving without busting the flow (I've found myself in some weird drops and ruining combos after the camera gets back to me.. Not often... But it does kinda put you out of your flow. Although, I did notice the cut scene was SHORTER than the first release.. Pretty sure I did anyway.

After rushing through levels over and over these were the tiny things that came to be like a fly in my face.

Just another thought. ;)