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Lord iCeDrAgOn
09-26-2011, 01:39 PM
I know you guys said that you've based a lot of the game mechanics for the game on what we've had from the past. I'm surprised that you guys didn't go with one of the classic techniques that was used in early games. and that is what I like to call the Mine cart or flooding tunnel style of levels. in these types of levels the player is constantly forced to move forward with no chance of going back to pick up things that they've missed. Levels like these require good memory, and with the other mechanics of Xotic good aim and timing. I honestly think that levels like this would be the pinocle of the leader boards, if you can master these types of levels then you really could say that you're the best.

Not to mention it would be cool to see how something like that would be implemented in a FPS style of game. A few other ideas I could see for levels like this would be chains of plants that if you hit them at the right time, they will blow back what ever it is that is chasing you through the level giving you a few more seconds of breathing room.

Would even be cool to say introduce a boss level that uses this type of mechanic. player is on a moving platform, they have to kill the boss before they reach the end of the tunnel hitting certain chains cause rocks to fall or what not and cause extra damage to the boss

09-26-2011, 02:00 PM
Thanks for the input, those are great ideas!

Lyndon is actually designing a level called "trapped in the warp field" that is "on rails" and requires that the player just aim and shoot as they move through it. It's going to be awesome.