View Full Version : Some achievements not working

09-26-2011, 07:10 PM
It seems there are some achievements that are not unlocking and some others that are working wrong.

Combo Enthusiast, Combo Expert and Combo Master: I'm pretty sure I got a 60x combo (it is easy to get in chapter 1, mission 2, where you fight a loooot of chickens) and the achievements didn't unlock. Not even after completing the mission.

Harvester, Gravedigger and Astronaut: They unlocks as soon as you complete only the first mission of the chapter. I think they should unlock when you complete ALL THREE missions from that chapter.

BFF, Photofobia, Flawless Victory, Immortal and My Back Hurts: Unlocked after completing the first mission offline (not to say that I wasn't even close to fulfill the criteria).

High Score Master and Nurse: Count meters doesn't move.

Weapon Collector and Girls Hero: Would be cooler with count meters.