View Full Version : 10.5 hours. Spoiler!

10-04-2011, 12:10 PM
Last mission sucks.

yes you get one last badass weapon, but you only get to use it for the last 30 minuts of play.

and there is no boss fight. Sorry! instead you fight mutants with pulse weapons, the small kind, and occasional authority reinforcements.

and the BFG ammo you get, rarely used it, required a charge up to fire, gatling mode much more usefull.

and when that runs out, the shotgun or the authority gun with the fancy ammo, go nuts i probily found 1200 rounds of the stuff.

to reiderate, there was no boss, and yes i went throught the credits, brought me back to the start sequence.

it really feels like theres a third part missing.

im not really feeling the rage the title suggests.

did have one odd grapical hiccup. if i save or change menu options or load into the area the bottom two thirds of my screen would go out of sync with the top third.

no idea why, the effect would go away in a minute. running a singal card GTX 580 16 gigs ram intel i7-2600k 3.40 GHz. ive been getting a simmilar expereance in other programs where i turn fast but this is the first time this happened when idile