View Full Version : new to the series, enjoying it so far

10-13-2011, 09:20 PM
I picked up both Freedom Force games at the start of 2010. Due to having to micro-control units, I put this game on hold until recently. For whatever reason I started with Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich and completed it before starting on the original. I feel that this was a mistake for a number of reasons.

The heroes do not feel as powerful or as capable when you first recruit them in FF1. In FFvs3R, most units start with the basic melee, ranged, and defensive abilities. In FF1 it seems you only start with a melee attack most of the time. Thus, the abilities are limited and require more time to develop which brings me to my next point.

Leveling appears to be more liberal in FFvs3R than in FF1. In both games your characters gain XP points which contribute to CP; however, in FFvs3R, characters gain CP points more readily than in FF1. FF1 is a *pain* to develop your characters to a decent point where they are not dying continuously. The combat is a significant obstacle to keeping your characters alive long enough to level up.

It requires pausing every other second and issuing new commands in FF1. This is true in the sequel as well but the AI does certain things to protect itself better. For example, in FFvs3R heroes won't fire unless they're a minimum distance from their target. This can be frustrating but in the case of explosive, ranged attacks it is a lifesaver. In FF1 this is not the case and the consequences often result in your characters beating themselves up. Using a heroic deed will boost them to full health quickly but unlike its sequel, heroic deeds in FF1 can not revive a fallen hero, only heal them.

Despite these challenges and annoyances with limitations of the first Freedom Force, I am finding it a worthwhile game. I wish I had played it first as coming to after FFvs3R is difficult. Oh, if any one else is starting either game soon I have one piece of advise. Recruit heroes early on when the opportunity arises. If they are on your team roster - whether or not they are present in a mission - they gain XP and sometimes CP. I made the mistake of not recruiting characters in FFvs3R until the very end and was left with an army of weak, newbie heroes. As far as I can tell, prestige only affects your ability to recruit new heroes and has no benefit to hoarding it.