View Full Version : and THIS is why UBI's DRM is a POS....

10-14-2011, 02:27 PM
So i FINALLY win a SINGLE PLAYER campaign battle i've been stuck on for *ages* and after LOADS of retries!

FINALLY ! i think..

oh wait .. whats this

'You have been disconnected, and will be returned to the main menu'

Um.. what.. But im playing SP i think. So i go downstairs n reset the router...itl just unpause n carry on once the connection sorts itself out i say to myself.. it wouldnt be *that* idiotic and harsh would it?

So i wait.. and wait.. i alt tab, yep internet connection is back up...

oh.. guess i have no choice to quit to the main menu...

well im done for tonight.. CBA ive just wasted an hour. Utterly Utterly Utterly stupid. You can spew all the 'But here, you *need* to be online to get 'uplay' achievements, its really not drm' bs to me ubisoft all you want.. But its utterly stupid. We all know why its really there, and yet *those* people will soon be playing fine, whilst i get kicked out of a SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN because my internet connection goes down.

Absolute load of crap. First time ive bought an ubi product in a few years thinking *finally* ill just give em the benefit of the doubt. And within a few hours im already regretting it.

10-14-2011, 02:36 PM
This only happens when you play online (even if it's the SP campaign). You can play it in offline mode too and then you only need to be online when you launch. You're wanting to use the online features, and that's okay, but it's not the game's fault if your connection resets (yes, it sucks, and I don't mean to upset you further).

F5 is the quick save key, though if your internet went out right when you won the battle, well, bad timing. :(

10-14-2011, 02:57 PM
Ahh so can i disconnect from the ubi services once im in the game and then play sp without fear of being kicked?? :)

That would be totally great. Appreciate the info...

I think it was just the fact this battle was soooo frustrating lol I won FINALLY with a stack of 2 guys left lol.

Its still a ridiculous system :P they should just d/c you from the online stuff (e.g. pop up a message saying save then log out / in again if you wish to carry on earning achievements etc) but let you continue playing.

Failing that, it should at least let you attempt to reconnect to their servers whilst IN game. It seems daft it kicks me to the main menu, where i can click one reconnect button. lol.. but then its too late :( Just bad design choices more than anything.

n cheers on the quick save key, ill get used to using it! But yeah it was literally right at the end battle summary screen it went out lol.

10-14-2011, 03:23 PM
Well, if you play offline, you won't get the dynasty and uplay stuff, and I agree that it's pretty bad design that you also don't get the achievements. Then again, it's just fluff and when you play vs. other players, you can disable the use of the dynasty weapons. But yes, you can! :)

I quick save after every battle, it's almost like a reflex. :) Works well in this game because the saving is almost instantaneous, so it's not too much hassle. (I had the game crash on me after six hours, then "uplay" froze, but the save file was fine and the achievements all counted too -- was a "phew!" moment for sure.)