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10-19-2011, 04:33 PM
My roommate is just getting into Portal 2, and in the course of discussion, we came upon a part of the plot we just can't figure out. I figure that it has probably been discussed to death here, so if someone could enlighten me to how this part of the plot pans out, do let me know.

So, in Portal 2, we see several science projects presented on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day, one of which has Chell's name on it. Presumably, that puts her at around 8 - 10 when the massacre occurs, in 200-, and she's put into stasis. That would then mean that she spends the entirety of her adolescence in statis, and is woken up by GLaDOS presumably in her 20's. This, then, would mean that Rattmann, who survived the massacre, would be living in the facility for at least ten years before GLaDOS is destroyed by Chell. However, many of the sources I have seen suggest that Rattmann was only in the facility for several months. If this is true, how could he possibly have seen a fully-grown Chell completing GLaDOS' tests?

Was this, perhaps, something that was retconned after the release of Portal 2? How does the timeline shake out exactly? If anyone knows, please enlighten me!

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Thank you very much!