View Full Version : Definitely Worth the Money

10-25-2011, 06:47 AM
I have to say, I saw this game this morning and bought it on a whim. Trailer looked good and I liked the sound of it. Felt like it'd be somewhat of a faster paced Killing Floor. Man, was I wrong. However I was wrong in a really good way. I'd say it's more so like a fast paced version of Resident Evil Mercenaries.

This game is a fast paced run-and-gun shooter, and it's quite good for what it does. Even on the easy difficulty you are hard pressed to find even a seconds worth of breath as demons hunt you down constantly without remorse or exhaustion. Some people might think it's too hard, but I feel it's just right. I don't want to feel calm and secure during armageddon, I want to feel trapped, uneasy, and on the edge of my seat. This game does that exactly. ( With plenty of gore, that's for sure ;) )

It has a decent spread of enemy types to blow up. From small fast ones to hulking slow ones. It also seems to send them out pretty evenly, too.

You start each match with three weapons. A 9mm pistol, a pump-action shotgun, and an ump submachine gun. Throughout the match, you will gain points in a bar down in the bottom (Or enemies will drop boxes in multiplayer) that when acquired will upgrade the weapon you are currently holding. Your 9mm turns into a burst fire, your shotgun turns into a sawed off, etc. etc. You can even upgrade your melee weapon, but I haven't tried that yet.

Now of course this game isn't perfect. the main gripe I have with it is the spawning system. Sometimes the game will spawn zombies two to three feet infront/behind you. It's not game breaking, but something just feels off about that to me. Another gripe I have is that there is no tutorial. That combined with the fact that the 'easy' difficulty is not all that easy, this game has a pretty steep learning curve.

Other than those two things, I am loving this game so far. I've mostly just played coop, so I have high expectations for the versus modes. For $20, this game definitely gives you your money's worth in fun, and then some. Defintely a buy for survival lovers.