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10-28-2011, 11:14 AM
Hi there,

i bought the whole package, 10 bugs is a really cheap price for such a great game. Luv the movies so i have to try it out.

Before i bought it at steam i downloaded the free episode from telltalegames.com
And the funny thing is, game started with english voice but with german subtitles (Windows is in English by default but keyboard language is set to German).

For me that is nice feature, helps me to understand some parts at the game ;).
But when it came to the steam bundle. I have only the option to run the game, complete in English or in German (also the all subtitles)

Is there any option / launch option at the properties section at the steam client. To say, hey steam, start the game with English voice package but show me German subtitles. As it was right at the telltale version.

Couldn't find anything about launch options.

Any idea?
Thanks a lot for your effort :).