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10-31-2011, 12:00 AM
Just bought A.R.E.S as a part of the indie royale pack. However it fails to start when I launch it. Monitor just have time to switch resolution before the crash.

I have installed .NET and the XNA sound framework. No error.log file exists in the A.R.E.S directory. Latest drivers for all hardware components. Windows 7 64 bit.

Anyone have the same problem?

10-31-2011, 09:50 AM
Have you tried the solution on this thread yet ?

Anyway, please feel free to send the error msg to support@x10studio.com.

11-02-2011, 06:42 AM
Hey, I happen to have the same problem, I had already checked that link you posted above but everything is up to date and I have windows media player running. I have checked for an error log but there is nothing in that folder.
If it helps, I am using a
Lenovo Thinkpad
Intel Core i7
Windows 32-bit
NVIDIA Quadro 4200M

EDIT: After running A.R.E.S. and having it crash many times (I got frustrated) I finally got this error log from the game:

Cannot find supported audio device.
11/4/2011 1:34:01 AM

System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: "boom" is not a cue name in the specified sound bank.
at FlatRedBall.Audio.AudioManager.GetCue(String soundName, String soundBankFile)
at FlatRedBall.Audio.AudioManager.GetSound(String soundName)
at Trashman.SoundLibrary.Initialize()
at Trashman.Trashman.Initialize()
11/4/2011 1:34:01 AM