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11-01-2011, 01:43 PM
The Challenge levels are damn hard, so I figured I'd offer some advice for beating at least seven of them. If anyone else has any tips for others, do your fellow gamers a favour and post 'em here.

First of all, make it easier for yourself and unlock the golden guns. Golden guns are BIG and have unlimited ammo. To unlock them you need to complete the game and then replay parts of it to rack up hits. You can chart your progress in the stats.

So, assuming you have the required arsenal...

Kleer challenge. Go to the top right of the screen and throw a jump pad close to the wall on the right - on the second flagstone from the wall worked for me. Then turn so you're facing left and start shooting. Any Kleers spawning behind you (on the right) will be thrown in front of you. Blast 'em to bits. Sometimes they stop spawning, in which case you'll need to walk forward and shoot one of the many kleers amassing below to get them spawning again.

Blue Mech challenge. Simply go left from the start point and tuck in to the left of that flattish rock. The mechs won't be able to hit you but you'll be able to toast them from a postion of safety.

Chimputee challenge. The jumpad is your friend. I can beat this challenge consistently by getting to the platform to the left - near to the health flask - throwing down a jumpad and bouncing up and down on it while firing like a maniac (is there any other way?).

Caterfighter challenge. With golden lasers this one isn't too difficult. You can run to the left or right (though I found the right more effective for some reason), up onto a rooftop and pour laser fire into the caterfighters from a static position. There are health flasks if you take a few hits. I found it helps to have a jump pad nearby in case I needed to leap high to dodge a barrage of return fire. And watch out for the bombs from above. They can be shot and destroyed.

Tomb Stone. This looks really hard to begin with - you have to survive for 120 seconds against hordes of Mental's minions, but the secret is: don't move! From your starting position underground, throw a jump pad to the left (or right) then turn away, select lasers and start shooting the gnaars. Those coming from behind will be thrown overhead. Sweep your laser fire so you kill those flying overhead and behind you and gradually you will become cocooned in a bunker of dead gnaars! Around the 40 second mark the aerial bombardment begins, and it can gradually penetrate your bunker. I tried different approaches for dealing with this and found simply firing the laser vertically worked best for me. Providing you didn't lose too much health against the gnaars at the beginning you should survive the bombardment and live way beyond the 120 second target.

Kamikaze challenge. As soon as you spawn run to the right and, using the jump pad, get yourself into the niche at the top right corner. Just so we're clear, the niche below has spawning gunners and the one below that has health pills. The problem with going into one of those niches is the kamikaze bombers stop coming after a while, after you've only killed about 55 of them. Getting onto the top ledge however keeps 'em coming. After a while you'll find yourself with about 70-80 kills and a huge pack of headless screamers in the niche below you. Simply peek out or jump over the gap to your left shooting downwards. You only need to hit one bomber to detonate them all.

Gnaar challenge. Unlike the above methods, which work consistently, this one is a bit hit and miss. If anyone knows of a more reliable method I'd like to hear it. For the gnaar challenge I found running all the way to the edge of the screen (I go to the right but that's not to say it's better than going left), then turn around to face the onslaught while jumping up and down with the chainsaws angled downwards. As an extra precaution you might want to continually throw the jump pad directly beneath you. This helps to keep you above the level of the gnaars.

11-03-2011, 03:34 AM
Updated to add two more challenges: Caterfighter and Tomb Stone.

11-14-2011, 02:50 AM
Updated to include the Kamikaze and Gnaar challenges.