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11-01-2011, 05:33 PM
First, I think these are well worth the current price! I enjoy the single player.. but.. but.. I play Multiplayer games..sigh.

I have tried the Mission Editor out and Played online through Tunngle.. I have come to the following conclusions.. please.. ANYONE correct me if I am wrong.. thanks..

Multiplayer has 3 modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Team vs AI.. sounds good? Well, it is for a fast paced kill and kill again with respawn. Maps are few and it seems radar will not pick up badguys in Multiplayer so distance is limited to sight. Being on an ocean, that can be a problem. Map mode also does not work in Multiplayer so no way to get your bearings unless.. island markers etc might be used?

No way that I can find to play campaign type missions online with friends. If you have seen games such as Silent Hunter series and Battlestations you have the chance to actually use missions with purpose online. Here there is none. Just FPS in your face shooting which can be fun but limited.

Using the editor I have tried to accomplish this without success yet. Seems nothing spawns in but the map itself. As host you decide which mode to play and ships to use on either side. Again combined for either side can use them.

Respawn markers seem to be the same for either side. So, you may respawn right on enemy. Other Ships placed in Multiplayer maps, say a destroyer, transport etc. will just not appear. Not for me at least. So you can't play any defensive type game online. I "think" you can pick PT Boat types and use no respawn to have a 1 death your out that round game going?

I do not think this game is supported in any way at this date. Seems to be an Orphan. If only..If Only..they made slight improvements..this would be an excellent game.

Improvements needed:

1. Allow respawn markers for each side, not combined.. Allow Axis and Allies to have their own spawn markers.

2. Allow other ship and plane types to appear in Multiplayer so we can make missions with a purpose and use all the features in single player for online play.

3. Actually get Internet to work instead of just LAN.. This will really kill a community. (Tunngle is only way to play online as it is.)

4. Add MISSION as modes to launch multiplayer. Again allowing to choose sides or a game Team vs AI.

5. Allow map mode to appear in Multiplayer so we can see where we need to head to. Radar would be a nice plus also.

That's really "all" that is holding this game back from being a very good game for single as well as MULTIPLAYER. Hopefully, there is still someone that owns this and can fix it and add a patch for it. Or repackage as yet another version that actually has FULL Multiplayer support.

Any corrections in my line of thought..please add...

Edit: did I miss CHAT Function? Seems that is not included in Multiplayer either??
I guess as a LAN game they didn't care much.. Welp, there is always Teamspeak3 and ofcourse the voice channels in Steam..

Still good game in single player and looking forward to some user created singleplayer missions..

11-04-2011, 12:40 AM
I think it is a fairly good game but to be honest I am a bit surprised if you are big into multiplayer games that you bought these expecting there to be much I mean how many people even wan to play a game with PT boats my guess is in the entire world maybe 30,000 and I am betting that most are the type that are not that into multiplayer games.

AI is a bit iffy at times.For example you can give basic orders with the tab button but it is limited you are forced to use the "map mode".I would like to be able to have one boat follow me and leave a smoke trail via an order that would be so very useful.I cant for life of me figure out that one mission where you have two Italian destroyers I try but I just get frustrated with it.I do enjoy the single player missions that can be figured out but thus far I have found one mission in South Gambit that I simply cant figure out I some what blame the AI for this but why they give you two DDs which of course you can only basically control is beyond me.

To me you are being a bit light on some obvious flaws with game play when everything jives in the game you have a fun challenging mission.I really like the one where you have 3 of the little super fast soviet torpedo boats and you have to sink three transports if you do that one just right you can nail it get it wrong and you are done for which is realistic as PT boat operations where very dangerous.

One thing AI wise that I would like to see is suppressive fire in real life the PT boat would spray hot lead at its targets deck guns to suppress and kill the gun crews(hopefully) in the game they dont do this to the best effect which sucks because it makes you a sitting duck to a vessel that has a hull too think for your cannon and MGs but you should be able to suppress the crew enough to make your escape.

My other big gripe would be the mission objectives some times they do not give you enough info for example the mission I mentioned with the three little Soviet boats in that mission says that they are expecting an attack from the sea not the coast the problem is there is not mainland coast in that map so it took me a few tries to figure out what side of the German convoy was the "Sea" and which side was facing the "coast" I wont spoil it for anyone but you really on have a chance attacking from the "sea" side of the convoy.

PT Boats is a good game if you like PT boats or like to play something employing hit and run tactics honestly I think that is as far as the audience goes as I think that the funky AI and general challenge of each mission is a bit to much for a casual gamer.Honestly I like the nicheness of this game I am pretty sure that the devs knew that only a small crowd would like this game and they did pretty good considering.Honestly if this game was flawless it would still be "held back" as you say I assume meaning that not very many people play it because it is simply too niche a game and I kind of like it that way.

If you want something similar MP I would say go with Battle Stations Pacific that game has enough mass appeal to have some active MP.

This game has been out for a while now so you will have to look into some more specific sim forums as if anyone has made custom missions that is where they will be.

11-12-2011, 07:13 AM
I think it is a fairly good game but to be honest I am a bit surprised if you are big into multiplayer games that you bought these expecting there to be much I mean how many people even wan to play a game with PT boats my guess is in the entire world maybe 30,000 and I am betting that most are the type that are not that into multiplayer games.

It's a niche game..30,000 would be high in my opinion..but still a community for MP games can and would be had.. I didn't expect much at all in multiplayer.. and it delivers that.. but I still believe it could have been a very good MP game.. the few battles we have had online been a blast even in just DeathMatch or Team Deathmatch..