View Full Version : "Enhancment" of groups calendar?

11-06-2011, 12:23 PM
Tried searching but I might not have gotten the right combination of words...

But, for "Community" and "Groups", I would like the possibilty to turn the time to 24-hour clock.
I always mess things up when scheduling events for my group.
Is this possible?

If I set an "Event" to start 1 PM and my steam client is started 1:05 PM, I don't get a message that my group has an event running.
I would like to be warned the first time I start my client after the event has started,
Is it possible to make this happen?

Is it possible to make a start and a stop schedule?
So that an Event can last for ex 4 hours or 4 days?

Like it is right now, many of the groups members don't get event reminders due to these issues and I can't setup a timeframe where as the event is going to happen.
I think the group would use the calendar more often if we could schedule events in this matter.
And even get more members to join if they log on later than the start of the event and gets an pop-up....

Hope for some good answers to these questions.

Regards Lasse