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11-12-2011, 12:21 PM
I believe I made a suggestion about this in April of 2010 when the Beta UI initially came out, and as I can see so far, there has been no progress.

Currently, non-steam games are very ugly and interface breaking, with no visual backgrounds and terrible to no .ico(s).

While I've seen that there's a suggestion to automatically download non-steam game info that are on Steam (I included that in my original suggestion, in fact.)

That still leaves the problem of non-steam games that are not available on Steam. The majority of titles I buy retail that are not on steam get activated on Steam anyways (I.E: I just bought Skyrim :D)


Allow custom image/icons for non-Steam games
Automatically search for non-steam games on Amazon(?), Metacritic, etc

Think similar to ID3 tags for music in iTunes. If I have a bunch of songs put onto iTunes with no album artwork, it's fantastic to be able to select all the songs from one album and give them an album cover.

So far, Steam is not currently doing that for games and it's a little disappointing. I may be wrong on this, but it seems like a pretty simple thing to do and it would make the user interface look a lot better for people with non-steam games.

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