View Full Version : Finished the campaign on Hard, but where's the achievement?

11-13-2011, 06:21 PM
Guys, finished COJ The Cartel campaign on hard, but evem though I didn't get the achievement! Did you also experience this?

11-16-2011, 03:11 PM
As a member since 2004, I never needed to actively use forums until now. The reason is simple - bull♥♥♥♥. I have already completed the campaing for this game on HARD 3 times.
I feel I have to repeat it - I finished the game on HARD 3 times from the very beginning and guess what? No achievement. W T F ? I even deleted my profile from Steam catalouge, so i had to unlock missions nad guns again. No luck. No Dice. Nada. Nihil. Nothing. Something is broken. Overall this game is buggy, i had few different bugs happening - from falling under the map, for getting stuck, to not being ableto progress because some magic line was crossed, and game got lost (lol). I even had to play 4th time to unlock achievement for not killing a single civilian, and some other achievements only unlocked after restarting the game - W T F? Overall, due to various bugs, glitches, lockups, weird ♥♥♥♥ I had to complete THE WHOLE STORY 5 times for different achievements. So I'm pretty disappointed someone fked his/her job in some areas.
Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the game, but some technical difficulties prevented me from being really satisfied.
Right now I am testing a way to achieve achievement for completing game on HARD (no cheating, no illegal stuff). If i find it successful, I WILL post the solution.

11-16-2011, 10:56 PM
Guys, finished COJ The Cartel campaign on hard, but evem though I didn't get the achievement! Did you also experience this?

Hey there. What i've noticed in CoJ: TC is that you CAN'T unlock multiple achievements at the same time, for example when i finish the game with one of the three characters, i unlock either 1 of the 3 achievements (LCPD, FBI DEA), and completing on hard counts as the second one (at the same time). On my 2nd playthrough i've completed it on hard, and got only "FBI" achievement, and i was like wt* ?? then i quit the game, quit the uPLAY, launched game again, and soon after first intro videos, in the main menu message appears, stating that i've unlocked hard mode achievement... then i made my third run with Eddie, to get good bad ugly achievement, and after i've finished the game i unloked only DEA achievement instead of 2 of them.. what i did again, was quit the game, close uPLAY, launch the game again, and in main menu achievement unlocked... something is definetly NOT right with this game..

Still i am stuck on OBTAIN ALL WEAPONS achievement. On my first playthrough, i reached maybe lvl 17 or smth, on my second, i reached lvl 20 on the final mission, and thus there was no reward-statistics recap window after the end level, only the credits and main menu after them, i did't get any credit for that. Assuming weapons unlocked automaticly, when i started my 3rd playthrough, all the weapons were available (except uPLAY pistol, but as far as i read, this weapon is not needed for the achievement) and no achievement. Then i've reached lvl 20 maybe on mission 12 or smth (was using youtube guide), but still got no credit ,because offiacialy weapons are unlocked, and no statistics-mission recap window popped up.. So my only hope now is either to delete saves, or start the new game, i dont know:)

Hope that helps with Your achievement.

P.S. statistics of the game (worldwide) is messed up aswell, because when i try to compare achievements of my own with the global ones, i end up redirected to community page :S wonder why no one is patching this

11-18-2011, 10:15 AM
Hey Mindaug4s - You are perfectly right about unlocking multiple achievements at the same time - You cannot do it. You will only unlock one when game end, but after restarting You will unlock the second im menu/intro movie - that did happen to me at least 1 time.
You also said You did not get achievement for unlocking all weapons - and You unlocked them and You get no achievement - this is BS again. The only thing that comes to my mind is that when you are replaying already unlocked chapters, that it may NOT count, otherwise You should be given achievement. What I did for my HARD campaing achievement was: go to properties for CoJ - The Cartel - TURN OFF Steam cloud, apply. Now go to your steam folder, go to userdata - there will be a catalogue with named with a long string of numbers - this is where CoJ - The Cartel data is stored. Find catalogue named just like this : E:\Steam\userdata\123456789\33420\remote\out\profi les
Now, start game on whatever mode You want to play, play New Game - let it be the prologue, then quit, then enable Steam cloud for CoJ - The Cartel - WARNING THIS WILL MOST LIKELY OVERWRITE YOU PROFILE STORED IN STEAM CLOUD AND MOST LIKELY ERASE ALL YOUR PROGRESS ON ANY ACHIEVEMENT!!! because You started playing on new profile and the new file called default.pro is uloaded to Steam Cloud. This is what I did in order to get my HARD campaing achievement. I do not know whether it works or not - I am still playing the game on this new file.
I hope it works, and helps anyone encountering this poorly supported game.

11-19-2011, 06:41 PM
Well my method did NOT work. I did not get achievement. I set a new game on HARD and never changed it. I consider this game broken. Moreover I had two game progress stopping glitches during one playthrough. Once game did not open the only door leading to next area, another was putting me behind door I was supposed to open (No I could not open from the other side). Reloading checkpoint did not work, only mission restart. I dare to say it is unfinished game, and in current state it is a half product, not ready to be released to public.
Stay away.