View Full Version : Enemies and Dragons won't attack? Bug?

11-24-2011, 07:54 PM
Anyone else have this happen:

Went to Nilhelm (?) near Ivarstead to kill the bandit leader. I get there, the bandits in and around the broken down tower won't attack me, they just go "Can I help you" and what not when I speak to them. I can killed them one at a time and the others didn't attack, I even attacked one who survived my first blow and he didn't aggro, he just kept on chopping wood while I hit him with my axe?

Weird thing is, when I arrived there, a dragon appeared and he would not attack me... I shot arrows at him, everything, he ignored me. This is the second time that has happened... but its so weird that it happens and then a camp of bandits won't fight me either.

Any insight on this? Just a weird bug?