View Full Version : In the latest Indie Bundle

11-29-2011, 10:25 AM
This was on my Steam wishlist as a game that would tempt me to buy a Humble or Royal Indie Bundle.
So I've just bought said bundle for 1.92 because this game was in it.
Despite not having bought this game for 68p itself only yesterday in the Steam sale.

I'm a Bundle addict. :(

12-01-2011, 04:15 PM
I already had this game, and I still got the bundle. Bought the music and Introversion bundles too. These are good times in the indie gaming world. I don't have much money and buy the bundles for $1-$3 or whatever the minimum is, but I donated $200 during Humble Indie Bundle 3. I already live on bread, water, and pasta, but I cut off electricity and water at home for two months to make up for it.

My good deed for the year, I suppose; I don't want to see them putting an end to "pay what you want" just because of freeloaders like myself. :rolleyes:

I shouldn't say that I donated $200 without admitting that I didn't donate a dime to charity. I don't believe in charity, I gave $80 to the Humble Tip and $120 to the developers. I'm sure saying this will get me torn apart, but I stand by the decision. I have my reasons, but it'd be dishonest to say I donated that money while allowing the assumption that it benefited charities.

I'm already waiting in anticipation for the opportunity to pre-order the next Indie Royale. I wasn't expecting a pre-order bonus soundtrack for the Really Big Bundle, so I'm really glad I did that now (it easily made up for the extra $1 that I would have saved by buying in the first few minutes) but I'd be a fool not to pre-order the next chance I get.