View Full Version : MW3 MP & SP,problem with steam cloud.

12-02-2011, 10:10 AM
hello I have a problem with mw3 today i was playing in a normal ranked lobby and the match started to lag and i got kicked out of the server to the first menu it gave me 2 errors one of them was something like (could not find your profile or no profile) the other was steam must be online to play, something like that ,anyways i try to connect to the mw3 servers it just takes so long on connecting to servers and then gives me mw3 servers not available.

I quit the game and tried to launch the game again it said cannot find steam cloud files (play game) (cancel) i tried play game and when i try to connect to mw3 servers it just gets stuck on online services i tried restarting steam and my laptop none work.

help would be appreciated thank you.