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Bashy McFetus
12-03-2011, 06:11 AM
Ok, researchnet hasn't updated in awhile, so I'm getting some craving for some new levels. I imagine others are, too, so here are a couple of my own.

Haber-Bosch. Different than the one by Cake>Pie, you don't have to make the hydrogen yourself. You will have to figure out some way to sort without a sensor, though.

/S4z3pDAG95b50fsip/GRPEaozqLlcmHxfz9BzRyZ3BBUcXAr8Tr4+fKl1rfV2o+q13io FBRjO
PkG1mYqFZD/aq2R/lWg9S/St5GF6m6YCGnci+yeMYM7pf7wbg8e+Z++wPojBZs4kBlrJq9U9 M6
1mr0QhoPMSt4AeT2UgNImDGKwLaDGWMWGQIahSyHRFGCP1x26E qsEu/kDr4l2O9gO9IbuAPpuO
MCxYzAOFI3tLSx7IjDL9C9M4zOsOgW02ybGXnTz2lxvjkUK542 ja1UtgQzFKE3NqWfSww9iOq2

Water to Lithium. Pretty simple, but you'll need a fancy trick or two.

fu6ekWsH5K3FyCR4JuAVHKjeX2e4ExOOyTQ+jgSzNG9fEn2k8l 5U5K1UophJJtrlBDH5Jn6GS7
/qxrDSHxf+cnu4NlY9OoDja7vb04iLJvNDVOx19s7k7QDdoR1nA K/oyx2cTiriT0FOJDU9CQCD
PhmDZAk7PMr4zR4RTijW67PE8lX0RCHXuTc3k9Pg5Qcai26Hmi E5vyLOw1mbk69u/IifLgbIfB

Breeder Reactor. Probably my magnum opus. It is solvable (solved in 1923/3/99), but you'll need to bring your A game.

H4sIABrZ2U4A/22QzWoDMQyEXyXovAvOtpc6tx56K4RAHkCxtcTgn8WWSrZh373 aptAm9GLMNz
OSx1eomH1JfciTcP9ZMjWw16WDMVzIP2AwYOGoiSBpd9wN25fB GFBzEb7zDeuRSiQnkTSzj8Ll
O7WXNfassQ5ckcxgt2bREUy1YshgTQcJL30ldFyqjnvq4Iytb4 xVTWBHjI1uDFujdIrzHfSh/c

12-03-2011, 10:07 AM
I've been meaning to browse through the forums for more levels. I'll check these out, and maybe post one or two of my own at some point.

EDIT: Okay, I solved "Breeder Reactor." Good work with that one. My initial solution was approx. 3K cycles, but a quick edit brought it down to 2K. I also have an idea for a 2-reactor solution.

12-03-2011, 08:56 PM
1492/2/28 on Haber-Bosch, without much optimization, and as a low-symbol solution. Sorting two different molecules by bonds is old hat to the vets by now.

1293/3/70 on Breeder Reactor, which was a really fun level. I had a 2k+ solution with 48 symbols until I changed how the sensor reactor works depending if it detects helium or hydrogen, which sped it up immensely. Still could use some optimization; under 1k is almost certainly possible. Oh yeah, and it's a good thing you only need 40 plutoniums instead of 47.

Water to Lithium I have no clue upon first glance. I'm terrible at fission.

12-03-2011, 09:41 PM
I've been toying around with amino acids and seeing if any would make for a good puzzle. A couple of them have caught my eye, but I've only made one level so far. I'm no good with this sort of level and I haven't figured out a solution yet, so I'd like some help: is this solvable?
EyWb/xzkF0/TDG4sv1FER9EMCSvfT5dhB7Z6kZLYla3O273t28mG3XGKs3jye QWsoVgEaJCJoF
xUI0buyjqFEe348Lgf8Dn70bjP+cLPWkH05QzkhQrJhVKsYD43 PIFT7x3Rj/LnAR8jp5F7o54D
YFYHo2TylMo1KMrTgIl0qilkuFSSuFKVopQA2Ko6FiLZeYLlNW rHK1ZmfF71jyKZRZMZ8qcx9l
/gvrxAfkecg9AaSFuDkmyEy7ag54sZ0JhU31UDGvKOroR1qID9d vyRfn2fU8GKgPzv+MsNOOgX
Input α: Amino Radical (NH2)
Input β: Propargylene (C3H2)
Output: Tyrosine (C9H11NO3)
8 bonders, a fusion laser, and a sensor. If it can't be solved (or even if it can), some advice on how to improve this would be appreciated.

EDIT: Solved by GuavaMoment (and later myself).

12-04-2011, 12:25 AM
is this solvable?

1729/1/136 (http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/612718202457071793/342F82C4CCF84C5B042F47911EF55A37C633FFFB/)

A solution so hideous you'd think it came from a cake>pie level, but a solution nonetheless.

Edit: Argh I didn't want to optimize but just looking at the uploaded screenshot I figured out how to add a symbol and reduce the time to 1691. Let me sleep now SpaceChem, please.

Edit2: I hate everything. 1537/1/124 (http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/612718202457655191/4D50356194F06CD8B7CFA700424F6BD5794A6AAB/)

12-04-2011, 10:59 AM
I do feel a bit hypocritical with this, since I usually despise this sort of level. Either way, I went back and solved it myself: 1495/1/126 (http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/614970002291322924/247C80BAB94CC83BD4FC92104E3DF6839EB674CE/)

12-17-2011, 12:04 PM
Since there's been no real activity for nearly two weeks, another level for you all:
TNm+RljmKyS6Tyy1kMoj0KSOWs8fH9KGZnsIsGRSv22tKobZzV Xispmy2A2IjORUuildXp47QR
8v/x3dp7d0Crdjws/8zysIv0N8vVDS9T6MYZSRtOUNwUT8jl1SuAZiulkhlVRs0AqUA 2d6mXUW
40nSEAOyQj5ehLCYiQh/uwgNLs5fy7QuaS8eA2rfjRzM6jkpb9pj8aw9jcWDMW7ljo40pn fFo4
Input α: Lanthanum
Input β: Hydrogen
Output ψ: Mischmetal (La/Ce/Pr)
4 bonders and a fusion laser. My initial solutions were 1216/1/53 and 979/1/53; I'm pretty sure those can be beaten. Have at it!

12-22-2011, 09:35 PM
I solved Breeder Reactor, and in a way that would work with an infinite amount of plutonium needed, but it took almost 127,000 cycles.

Did it using binary counters. The first reactor inputs a uranium into alpha, splits it, and sends it out.

Reactor 2 detects hydrogen, and sends it to reactor 3. If it gets anything but hydrogen, it sends it back to reactor 1.

Reactor 1 continues inputting the atoms kicked back from reactor 2 and splits them. One of the waldos is on a binary flip-flop counter, and when it completes, it grabs another uranium and restarts the cycle.

Reactor 3 also uses a binary counter that counts up to 94 (and inputs and fuses with each count) and then outputs the Plutonium.

The pipeline that kicks back atoms from reactor 2 to 1 needs to be of sufficient length to not get backed up, but it completely flushes before a new uranium is taken, so there's no build up over time.

I'm curious what approaches everyone else used to do it in so few cycles, but I'm assuming it involves breaking down just 1 uranium into helium and then fusing them to uranium.

12-22-2011, 10:16 PM
My two-reactor solution was thus:

Reactor 1 is a sensor reactor. The red waldo starts with one uranium, then sends it to output ψ. If it detects hydrogen, it's moved to output ω. After two hydrogen atoms are sent, it signals the blue waldo to send a uranium atom.

Reactor 2 is a nuclear reactor. Each waldo works independently-- one splits atoms, then sends them back to reactor 1 to be picked up by the red waldo again. The other takes three atoms (two hydrogens and one uranium) and fuses it together to make plutonium.

There's just enough pipeline between reactors to reach capacity before it starts emptying faster than filling.

Either way it's a simple, but elegant level. (Also, 94-counter? Ye gods.)

12-23-2011, 01:56 AM
yeah, just a series of flip-flops arrayed in a line, with arrows that send the waldo to upper or lower return tracks which take it back to the beginning of the line. On one track, it hits a sync, and on the other track it doesn't. Each sync sends the other waldo around a loop (where it either splits/outputs or inputs/fuses). The up/down arrows along the flip-flop chain basically act as 1s or 0s in a binary number. When the counter completes, the waldo leaves the end of the chain and does it's thing (in this case, inputting a new uranium, or delivering a finished plutonium). This allows for waldos to alternate by an arbitrary number (blue does something 94 times, then red does something). Not worth using if you just need to do something a few times, but the amount you can count to grows exponentially for the amount of space it takes up. Unfortunately, it's very, very slow :/

Technically, my second reactor (the only sensor) probably isn't necessary. After breaking up uranium into hydrogens, the waldo could probably just cycle 92 more times around another counter to send all the hydrogen to the other output. It'd be tough to fit it in, and go even slower, but a 2-reactor, no-sensor solution would be pretty neat.

10-21-2012, 10:41 AM
It's been... what, 10 months? Here's another level, probably my favorite of all the ones I've come up with so far.
H4sIADTPg1AA/2VQsW7DIBT8lejNsfQgjmWZqenSpcqYoepA7ecGiYAFjyGNnG8 vOG2VqAwnce
+4O94FjJsSV1/eUYTuAlhg4fL17QInb6lPlqCDg2YK6uWKcq9EPqikaFEoKQUir KH3yTF0Qs7v
87wGn/i/853dq7amXz31ZlDPV6z3V9xm70YJ2WRTsWlExnrBbSOkwk2JxH oJrnOkkpu2YI7Pml
xFKtEUBmVbNNtSDkWZyuaxIpaCRx0rq8MnVbeq0HFItIYP7wYK 1Y+2vQkjuegDdKO2kW7UmCKF
Input is water, output is malic acid (C4O5H6). 8 bonders, fusion/fission lasers, and quantum tunnel. My first solution is 1969/1/109; and I bet it can be done much better.

10-21-2012, 02:39 PM
Here's my Water into Wine solution:



11-02-2012, 05:16 PM
It seems that someone has collected all of Lanky's custom puzzles and uploaded them to Pastebin (http://pastebin.com/M3y8tFxd). I'll have to check those out at some point. (EDIT: solved "Back to Basics" and "Doubleplay". "The Overture" gives me bad flashbacks to building cytosine. "Two-fer" doesn't work properly, the input only gives C=O instead of a mix of C=O and O=C. "Impostor" is just... what.) In the meantime, here are a couple that I made recently. Relatively easy, but might as well share them anyway.

2 of Hearts. α is Antimony, β is Oxygen, output is a crystal of Valentinite. 8 bonders and a sensor, so it shouldn't be much trouble. My solution is 930/42.
H4sIAM3+k1AA/3WQsWrDMBCGX8XcbFOdTMBYUzt1y1DoUjooyTkxyJKRTlA35N1 7ckIJDV0E+u
7/pU86w+jnzM138JSgP4Mqy8pk+3GGKTjaZ0fQw7PncQp+MW87g7 hBpaCGfcieoUd9+bzUgP+3
Paternò–Büchi Reaction. α is Formaldehyde, β is Ethylene, output is Oxetane. Only 2 bonders. My solution is 526/67.
H4sIAEX/k1AA/3WQzWrDMBCE32XPNmiVYoJ9S2npLb2XHlR7XRsUyegH6hr3oXr uLS/WlR3apD
8YFmk0zLfjCXozxJC/WkMeyglEGovG14cJDlZTHTVBCbfWHZRuqBsbqq7v3oTcV0Iiig pxK2SF
1enJeOu+PElqo6dLxQ+6D+GHGEjTYN25HMYh1XPkSbm6482MOi TlXrHNHN/z3fGj7np+UDF0iQ

11-03-2012, 10:01 PM
"The Overture" gives me bad flashbacks to building cytosine.

Sweet, I've damaged someone psychologically! Although I don't think Cytosine was nearly as bad as "Getting Pumped" or "Barrel Marked B" (One that I made after researchnet stopped updating).

11-03-2012, 11:10 PM
Yeah, I'm aware. I downloaded your Breaking Bad levels a day or two ago; solved the first two ("This is Not Meth" ignored the nitric acid and involved a huge garbage pipe for hydrogen), but I haven't taken the time to figure out "Barrel Marked 'B'". The difference between those levels and "Life: Cytosine" is that I've actually beaten Cytosine. On a related note, upon beating "Squaric Acid" and werbad's "Vitamin B3" (not sure why I put that one off for so long), "Getting Pumped" is the only thing standing between me and a completed Journal. ...Yay?

11-12-2012, 10:41 AM
Uh, hi. I learned from cearn that there was some chat about my SpaceChem puzzles (username Lanky). I just wanted to tell you guys that I'm here and to give you an update.

I made another 2 pages worth of puzzles and uploaded the entire collection to my new Pastebin account. You can find it here: http://pastebin.com/eQQVjY4m
Some levels have been edited and even omitted from the collection.

So yeah, I'm Lanky. Add me on Steam if you want to chat about puzzles, since I'm still actively making them.

11-12-2012, 11:16 AM
Oh, neat. I'll have to check those out. (Also, I wish there was a way to rearrange your list of created/imported levels, so you could group them properly.)

11-14-2012, 05:50 PM
Okay, here are a few more that I've made in the past couple of weeks:

Benzene Backbone. Benzene and Butadiyne (C4H2) into a molecule of Chalcone (C15H12O). 4 bonders and a fusion laser. The main problem is moving around the large block; it's not too difficult once you figure it out. My solution is 675/66.
Sk0epTaejCf0QDWR11p5N3PNkPvkKqTrx3Xm8J8dcgrb9jRtUc oWZDqF6YDNVh0PhW6hDD0riM
SQ07PtB531PnTNMMngDRYbu9GbTFWfooDq9pXuDumuj6S5SC0g WKh+XaAhKEKpPC4tHa9Z4MKy
P8t7ecGkfuxyG6ahe6kSdql0eO90PWc+zalPhvV+KOj0N8pNPp qHlGHjnEZi979eHw8De9rELz
LVuwvAk57VXXrbrMfOJtDEnobbvbtfJd0slVcP0BIJUCqrICAA A=

Doubling. Urea and Hydrazine into Biurea and Ammonia. 4 bonders. My solution is 862/101.
3e773LVRjXxlBcvKNe1FcBaWSNP7+uovGW9tGSqMVnR1q9r++w 3NxBbhXgClEhVghKAgIqias0
SDITxyNNBadqeZZ5U6ZAsyQc5az7wuruRMVYVNRHbXtaiJ13B+ qK3+XluNmT63037STpGHuaK3
1rTQhPYiBLre8e5TC0qXxHPeluf+ZkTjdJ+fBxZ407saJjOCeg eLORaCD+p4HlgzkeDR8vDKKG

Antimony Ores. A production level this time, making Valentinite (ratio of Sb2O3) and Stibnite (Sb2S3). You can use up to 4 reactors, though my solution is 5849/2/101.
H4sIAIzKo1AA/22SzW6DMBCEX6XaM0he01QITu0L5BCpl6oHg5fWEtjIP1VoRJ+ 9C4mU0ObCMi
N7vrHhBF5Z7Ybc2DHF/NtZClCdQCyP1WP5doLB9dSmnqCCZxvN4OxUH5oacYdCQAatSzZ ChXJ+
0ld+JRcG4t8CzEDpGVLHEhrqJYwdfqgjvgH+YhmuYKPJyB+MQU IXlwFquVvJpYsFqS13HhXPps
mmywzI3kvTKWZQaDOuaeVBud53t4zOBThTxE5XkRVJ3qA509FQ INTT9tTG3CXV/pL2Vb0hvTpr
YnxanRp4sV0ki+cVbTxvbUTrz2WiBO43JBo3c6tdE4y0eyarj9 QR72nr9kBirFT8c74aVPRBNp

Let There Be Light. Formyl Cyanate (C2HNO2) and Acrylonitrile (C3H3N) into Luminol (C8H7N3O2). Erm. This... is probably the hardest level I've made thus far. I... haven't actually beaten this one yet. Some help (is it solvable or not, how could I improve it) would be appreciated.
XPd/7u3Vl07pTi5NM76kVzFpCleHx8O4ujt7RNlkQjnn04Dna0HIwz kfTyC+Rq88KqESpEjbIC
jLO8CjWr87+a517Mb3IO7oJprlGyqLpPAHn+1vQTa8KBJtckoo kh0Vh8eLejMLnV1tfCnlzvw0
9JdvapJzb2xvY3pz/ZLsY/ZiRLJx+KfW2OwymvJ1BPJmxbHsuZY1kYxdFrS4FGCxqtu0Mb+c 6k

11-23-2012, 09:20 PM
Here's a set I'm rather proud of:

Cinnamon. Pure CH into Cinnamaldehyde. My best solution is 431/59.
H4sIAJrYr1AA/2WQzW7DIBCEX6XacywtJEGpuSWXXKpKvVY9UHtdIxGw+Dm4kfP sBdyqqerDJz
MMu6O5grZTis2nsxSgvQIWVC0fX69wcYa6ZAhaeKI4aksPL6rX nTLydJYsfyg5E4iwgc4lG6Fl
9uSwrcV+4qsbKmK5eZvBIL+To5p2Z3qbFkHlVojPIf1KzpoY0+ 0Qbene3JN9/ew2oMZIPz0A7K
BFqlIQXyP4+qZzI6RvrrimRocv5ejvNUOvEUSPluzLlyN78tOZ sVleJY9sHRJKKZeq9ilns9DD
Headaches. A couple of C/H/O molecules into Aspirin. Solved in 541/64.
S8lVpqoQoMHEEUvkXpbIfeISkIlkLhspS55RK1cVc4UlyEZBFb msAEQm2nEegqhRnj/OmcD/z3
wN/TKMNt4n+T6557OiGB+hVkkWkFFMIQv8Ws27xzn8jeRGYOsn48w QBZ5YoOIAihgA770qQbTF
Riot Control. Benzene and pure C into CS Gas (C10H5N2Cl). Solved in 961/93.
H4sIAJXZr1AA/3WQT28CIRDFv4rh7CYzrGKz3NxDe+qhPTY9UJ2tmyBs+HNQo5+ 9A9qkxvTAZP
gxD97jJEY35dQcvaMoupOAUirj7cdJ7L2lTbYkOrEmdyRHur+A euGlARBQAyrJVdbaIoDGyhEV
qggWqzvbUEzvTGysCd/UXO2LLoVMc8FJtxSa2+zTdTCSiz6IbjA20hUNOVL4FdWZyY4p3 bNEli
If you're noticing a pattern with these molecules, here's one that doesn't fit it. Chemical Warfare. A production level-- turning lethal compounds into more lethal compounds! Solved in 2604/4/141.
/OtzsnEdBp36+MG3JafXlHUdSn81J05kh6JgspavF28PGDHDVta y+y2DWygGeQDcBaFg0UFf8X
LEkplgJ4YDPq4Hli0Y7ojKZm024bCXCdqUp2X83M9DnNcSfRe0 sqW+KkVzP8whk98Z92l4kKFc
CUeV3kmteA5A9w+Jq1Uk7LlVCxUt6XUz67JGqQjC5mqPZgffCD UcG426Xl9n/UpJXcA980AWcM
mDHuTS52R9Pf+9zuNvN0qIrH8FIy8SGc0xOFgMaJuliKHo+rQK iSD1xktRQHjKuYMLBJ1B3aSD
I'm planning to compile a list of some of my better levels and see if I can get a few into the Journal, so critiques/recommendations would be appreciated.

11-26-2012, 10:58 PM
Boom (http://pastebin.com/nWFXzX00). Have fun.

^--Series of assignments that I made.

02-13-2013, 10:10 PM
Okay, I've been putting this off for long enough. 30 levels for your puzzle-solving pleasure (http://pastebin.com/xH4jTZgR), compiled into a single pastebin dump. (Some levels I've already posted on this thread, others have only been seen by one or two other people, some are completely new.) I hope you enjoy, and I welcome your feedback.