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12-09-2011, 06:40 PM
Let us know what you think of the game in this thread! :cool:

12-11-2011, 09:15 AM
It is not only the beautiful background scenery that changes perspective as you move along, or the atmospheric music, or the captivating story, or Huitziloís growth in abilities that match the enemies well (I love his agility and the vertical aspect of the game) but I think itís the combination of all these elements that makes me want to play Aztaka again even though Iíve already completed it four times.
The only time the game really crashed was when Steam was updating its uk servers.:)

01-10-2012, 03:34 PM
I spent an hour with my daughter playing this game. The lack of instructions made me go looking for a walkthrough or a review, of which there is little.

Not impressed with the gameplay. For example, after beating the beetle, and apparently getting the jaguar greaves, I find them stuck off the edge of the screen and I can't pick them up.

Or the map. Geez, absolutely no hints on this. Just poke around for 20 minutes until you notice the labels appear in the top black strip, which requires clicking. (I nearly quit at this point.)

I can appreciate a certain amount of "fiddle around with stuff until you figure it out". Like there seems to be a blue bellied container in the caves that I can't get, and I need to do something to get the statue to release it.

I guess the price is right, because for a few bucks, I shouldn't expect much play testing.

The music and graphics are OK. There's a lot of reading, at least in the beginning. And sometimes important things are clicked through (like when fighting spiders and something pops up, only to disappear). Should there be a message log of important info?

I'd appreciate this more if there was more time spent on the player experience, and less on the eye and ear candy.

01-22-2012, 05:02 PM
It was okay, overall. Great game for a first time developer, but probably should have started with a much smaller and focused project. You can tell it's not finished, but the potential was there. At the very least, I got my money's worth :). Hoping for a sequel.

01-23-2012, 02:46 AM
I'm not too far in (3-4 hours probably?) but generally speaking I really like it.

Art/Music & Story

To start, I like the art and how it's layered, graphics are good, the story meets my expectations, the characters have a bit of depth and I can definitely feel some emotions for them but still it's no Mass Effect (nor would I put it to those standards). Side quests so far haven't been too bad, collection quest can be done as you go and don't require farming (so far).

Gameplay & Combat

The two bosses I've faced have been fun, although a tad on the easy side. Combat overall seems good so far, so far it seems like I balance Huitzilo and Ayohpa pretty well, the harder it is/more dangerous I may use Ayohpa slightly more but that's it. Definitely like the ability to choose between the two as well based on style, I just happen to like the mixed style. Stats seem explicit enough, hard to balance earlier on since Endurance and Faith seem to be the best to choose but it seems like it's getting easier to spread out the allocation as I move along. Energy drop rate seems pretty good where I'm at in the game, not too much but not too little, feels like I always have just enough to keep myself topped off and still have a few left in the tank for emergencies/object use. The spell system is unique and adds a little bit of challenge (esp when you're moving or the target is moving--even after getting talents to make it easier!). Huitzilo is pretty barebones at first but he is increasingly becoming more fun to use as I purchase more abilities from NPCs. Really liked the platforming/puzzle aspect. Also didn't know where to throw this in, but some of the smaller monsters have extremely small hitboxes for Huitzilo and were pretty frustrating to kill with him, was reduced to using Ayohpa until he/she was out of mana and then just leave the rest in the dust.

Customization (Talents, equipment, & related)

I like how items and spells are placed out (such as greaves of the jaguar), you can continue to improve your platforming and combat versatility by both exploring levels and progressing the story (Trine would be a good parallel). Upgrading MP/HP is also well distributed and is acquired the same way. I found the loot system and equipment system a bit bland, looting wasn't too much of a problem but sometimes items could be obscured by foreground art and gold pieces are sometimes hard to spot depending on the color of the background. The equipment system is straightforward, but it just doesn't have much to recommend it. I wish I had something to suggest but it's just hard to place what I dislike about it to begin with, not a big issue, I spend very little time in the inventory anyways. The skill system is nice, I like what most of the talents do, and it feels like you can really customize your character different based on what you like, HOWEVER, I did find some of the descriptions a bit ambiguous at least as a beginner. Also, aforementioned, I like the abilities you can purchase from NPCs, they felt very well placed in terms of distribution and has been a good means to keep my money low.

UI & other

The UI is nice. Felt that energy containers were a bit far from where you drag the energy to, but I guess that would make it too easy :) Also would be nice to somehow drag multiple ones at once. The energy placement feels a bit selective sometimes, I drop in the near vicinity of a container/player icon and it doesn't register, not a big issue but it's something I've noticed. The style of the UI and frames fits the art/music/story VERY well and adds a lot of depth to the game I think. The only other concern is the bugs, ran across a few but hasn't been anything super frustrating, got completely trapped in one place and had to reload the game just to get back to the initial save point on that level, also had the floor vanish once on me and had to quit and restart a few times. Nothing that was a major turnoff and it's to be expected with such a small development team.

Anyways, that's my feedback on how I like everything....I know....long-winded....

02-25-2012, 04:39 PM
Heyas all, first time poster despite being a Steam user for many years now.

Not impressed with the gameplay. For example, after beating the beetle, and apparently getting the jaguar greaves, I find them stuck off the edge of the screen and I can't pick them up.

So far this is my lone complaint, and I have to say thanks to the above for posting it. I could not for the life of me figure out what to do after defeating (i.e. chasing off) the Beetle, and wound up fiddling around in the Underground for a solid hour wondering why I couldn't seem to continue. Being rather directionally-challenged in any maze type areas I assumed it was just me getting lost over and over. Finally hit the forums here and realized what was wrong. Of course it meant starting the game from scratch.

...And lo and behold, the Beetle ran off the screen AGAIN, taking the Greaves with it. Thankfully this time I noted that the game had autosaved right before, so I just quit outright, loaded up and fought the Beetle again, and finally got the Greaves.

I've since put several more hours into the game without a hitch, and the game's quite fun, well worth my $9.99. But I won't lie and say the first night of gameplay didn't leave a bad taste. Citeremis, if you're so inclined and still fixing bugs, or for future reference, it might be prudent to have prizes like this drop in the middle of the area regardless.

02-26-2012, 12:43 PM
Hey guys, we're busy porting the entire game over to a new engine that will allow the game to run on Mac and Linux, but this also means we'll have to go through the PC version again. If any of you are interested in helping us test the game on any of the 3 platforms, feel free to drop us an email at devs(at)citeremis.com You'll even get to try out a bit of new content, like the first stage redesign!

03-02-2012, 01:19 PM
Can't get on to the Citeremis website. norton keeps blocking a 'fake app attack'

03-02-2012, 11:41 PM
Weird, works fine for me. I'll look into it.

03-05-2012, 10:15 AM
Can't get on to the Citeremis website. norton keeps blocking a 'fake app attack'

It works fine now.

03-06-2012, 09:43 AM
Yes we have been hacked again and I had to use a backup to 'restore' the website. Sorry about the troubles.