View Full Version : This demo... am I missing something?

12-12-2011, 08:27 AM
There is no tutorial or anything that I can find.
But there is a campaign. It's initially set to "hard", which is surprising, but I switch it to "normal" before starting it. Then when it loads up, it displays camera control instructions at the start, but then that's it. However I've played other RTS games, and it seems to play similarly to Warcraft III, so I'm not too terribly lost on how to get stuff done.

However, I am terribly lost on what to do. My lone hero starts out surrounded by endless enemies on all sides. The first group of them isn't too tough, but each group after that is enormous. If I venture past a group of enemies, I might get united with a band of units my hero apparently is acquainted with. However, they're pretty worthless. They're extremely weak and generally get wiped by the next horde of enemies that is at least twice as big as my own group and consists of units 3 times as powerful in every stat.

This seems to be the case no matter which direction I try to go in. And the only direction I ever receive is the "I must reach the top of world mountain to the north" or whatever it is he says when the map first loads up. Nothing at all after that.

So either this demo is worthless, or this game is really dumb. Or I'm missing something.