View Full Version : Sacred 2 these days on Steam

12-12-2011, 09:56 AM
Hello :) A few days ago I bought for me and my friend Sacred 2 game and got something I didnt expect to come upon at all. The game itself is not friendly at all to Windows 7 users, mainly it wont start. So we downloaded the game around midnight and spent 6 hours finding solution to problem, and we did at the end managed to get game working, the way I managed to start it is with switching compitabilty to XP SP3 and adding -nocpubinding -skipopenal to target location of sacred2.exe shortcut, on my friends PC didnt work like that, he just kept pushing by non-stop pressing the button play till the game just said why not here you go, go play. Now we found also that this game is not at all compitable with Windows 7, but its expansion Sacred 2: Blood and Ice actually is, so please Steam community put that we can buy expansion preferably Sacred 2: Gold edition or put a some kind of warning or note on label so players/customers can know what they are dealing with. I mean its sad that I didnt have problems with cracked version of game instead I do with retail version and retail version on Steam.

With regards, much love Steam ;)