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12-15-2011, 11:41 PM
Patch has been implemented, have fun playing Kavashiir!

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Build: 303822
Patch Date: 16 December 2011

1.1. NEW IMMORTAL!!! KAVASHIIR, Champion of the Tau'Khan!
1.2. New Hub Help system (icon is on the top right of the Hub map).
1.3. Ad dialog replaced the Hub mini-map.
1.4. Added Kavashiir and Scorpix to the main menu.
1.5. Characters in Selection screen sorted according to rotation: Unlocked, Free Trial and For Sale (buy now!)
1.6. Close Call! Announcement.
1.7. Alternate team-based style kill streaks: Rampage, Slaughter and Total Annihilation!!!

2.1. Used different, smaller font for character names to fit in the lore tab.
2.2. Characters in Selection screen sorted according to rotation: Featured, Unlocked, and For Sale
2.3. Client launcher can repair damaged installations.

3.1. Added Hub Help system.
3.2. Ad dialog replaced the Hub mini-map.
3.3. Updated LFG button art.
3.4. Reduced size of AFK icon.
3.5. Changed "Fight!" to "Play".

a. New Immortal: KAVASHIIR, Champion of the Tau’Khan
b. Added Kavashiir’s lore and info in Character Select and in the website.
a. Fix for auto attack permanently not working after using a position targeted ability with smartcast.
b. Changed auto attack to not chain past the attack range from the anchor.
c. Changed the priority of a Stop when target enters brush.
d. Normalized melee attack distances to 150.
e. Smoothly scale down the animations of immortals that scale up (Tzai, Trovoc, Kavashiir).
4.3. BALAK
a. Lucky Shot : fix for not canceling the visuals when you cancel the channeling ability
a. Ensnaring Vines: damage bonus from movement reduced to 3/5/7/10/13 from 3/6/9/12/17.
b. Forest Juggernaut: Armor and Magic Resist bonus increased to 20 from 10; Mana Regeneration increased from 5 to 30; Area of Effect increased to 220 from 200.
c. Includes new Flail animation
4.5. KYRIE
a. Includes new Flail animation
a. Includes new Flail animation
a. Signature Damage over time reduced from 75 to 60; Final explosion damage reduced from 375 to 250.
a. Includes new Flail animation
a. Limbic Disorder: Added animation for this ability
b. Hypothalamic Transmute: Changed to target the enemy with the least health and heals the most damaged ally in range.
a. Stasis : Damage reduced from 20/35/60/100/155 to 20/35/55/100/140
b. Elemental Vortex Radius reduced from 200 to 160 at all levels. Slow reduced from 40% to 30% at all levels.
c. Includes new Flail animation
4.11. VEZIN
a. Tweaked Vezin's animation speed to better match his cast time.

a. Consumables that are removed when damaged and purged – Revitalize, Regeneration and Haste Potions
b. Regeneration Potion - reduced to 20 health regenerated per second.
c. Revitalize Potion - increased to 10 mana regenerated per second; reduced cost to 35.
d. Rejuvenation Elixir – fixed typo (rejuvination -> rejuvenation); increased health restored to 300, reduced mana restored to 200, increased duration to 30s.
e. Wisdom Potion – fixed tooltip and status effect icon to match at +12% xp gain; reduced cost to 400.
f. Stoneskin Potion - fixed status effect icon tooltip for match item tooltip.
g. Tigerblood Potion – fixed status effect icon tooltip to say both movement speed and dodge chance increased.
h. Haste Potion – canceled when you damage/debuff an enemy; duration increased to 12 seconds; reduced cost to 200
i. Last Chance Salve - removed block of effects, just initially removes them.
j. Turret Repair Kit - now restores 1% of target turret's HP per second, dispelled if the turret takes damage, lasts up to 90s.
k. Scroll of Teleportation – lowered cooldown from 120 to 75 seconds and changed cost to 200.
a. Webspinner Locket – fix for debuff to reduce attacker’s attack speed.
b. Berek's Scroll – fix for debuff to attacker’s life steal, spirit vamp and mana burn.
c. Tome of Fortitude and Tome of Strength - fixed tooltips to state that half of charges are removed upon death and not 3 charges.
a. Gleaming Wand - Mana Burn stat removed at all levels; Changed to Magic Resistance Penetration at 8/13/21/30%.
b. Warblade – reduced debuff values for magic resistance to be the same with armor in the 3rd and 4th upgrade effects.
c. Blade of Randarz or Staff of Euryidium – cannot be equipped at the same time since both items are of the same category, added tooltip info when trying to purchase the other when already equipped one.
d. Sorceror Seal - Upgrade is increased to 6 magic resistance and 6 armor penetration; Damage on explosion increased to 125 from 100.
e. Wizardbane - Mana burn stat removed at all levels; Changed to attack speed at 5/10/15/20%; Effect at rank 4 duration reduced to 1 second, cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.

a. Close Call! announcement: Go from >75% to 10% health within 15 secs and not taking damage within 10 secs afterwards.
b. Mana Burn - removed from existing abilities, disciplines, items and stats.
c. No longer alpha-blend units that are partially in fog of war. If a unit is visible, the targeting cursor always indicates that it can be targeted.
6.2. BOTS
a. Fixed bug where bots would get stuck around shrine.
b. Some behavior changes to the bots. They should always retreat to creeps (unless they decide to attack), and they will stick with an attack a little longer. Also, they watch their health more closely.
c. Tatiana bot: Doesn't appear to abort her vortex now. Won't try to cleanse non-cleansable debuffs.
a. Fix for not getting buffs for killing some neutrals.
b. Removed invisibility for Raging Sapling buff in 5v5.
c. Adjusted position of neutrals so that they would no longer spawn in impassable space
d. Fix for leash distance on neutrals. Fixes neuts being kited in 3vE.
e. Fix for Skeletal Swordsman in 3vE, can now be targeted.
f. Fix for Drowned Cadaver and Goblin Scavenger attack behavior. Also increased the tracking and leach ranges of Drowned Cadaver and Goblin Scavenger.
g. Improvements for 3vE Khrytheros boss behavior.
a. Announcement for Acropolis respawn.
b. Increased attack range of Mega Turret.