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12-25-2011, 06:56 PM
Some of these already have threads but im just going to put it all here instead of bumping several threads.

Remove restrictions on purchasing 4 packs
Steam should be changed so that if you already own a game you can purchase a 4 pack and give all 4 copies away as gifts. Sometimes its too difficult to get all your friends to get a game so its just worth buying them when they go on sale. You should be able to do this any number of times so that a user could buy two 4 packs of the same game so everyone has it at a LAN party.

Also, a user should have the option (when they don't own the game) of purchasing a 4 pack and gifting all 4 copies. The gaming demographic is old and diverse enough that some people might want to do this, for example a father or parent would purchase a 4 pack of games for his kids or family members that he personally wouldn't play. Basically there shouldn't be any restrictions on purchases so that it covers everyones use scenerios.

Android app
I know this has been requested before. It would be great to be able to chat with friends on Android from steam so that I could get them to join in on a gaming session.

Have steam remember ages/removing age verification screen
It would be great if I could just have my birthdate and age tied to me steam account permanently so that I don't always have to enter my age when viewing the store page of a M rated game.

Being able to recommend a game you don't own on steam/indicate games you don't own on steam
I would like to be able to recommend a game to my friends that I don't own on Steam. I'm a multiplatform gamer, which means I typically buy a game on its original platform (ie not the port). So if I get it on 360 I can't recommend it. However I know some people who are exclusively PC gamers that I want to recommend games to. Also, people buy games from other stores like Amazon. Take Mass Effect 2 for example, if you own it on 360 or Origin you can't recommend it in steam.

I would also like to be able to indicate to my friends that I own PC games not on steam. Often you want to buy games your friends own and will look through their libraries as you consider making your purchase. For example, I bought Grid thinking that some of my friends already owned it, but when I checked their libraries only some of them had it, and the others didn't because they bought the retail version way back when. Had I not known that some of my friends owned this it would be less likely for me to purchase it as the steam page would only show some of my friends who own it. And again people purchase games on Origin and Amazon and other places.

Support storing games on multiple storage locations
I remember before I installed windows the most recent time I had Steam and my games on the same drive as windows and eventually when that became full I was unable to move some of my games to a new HDD as they all had to be on the same drive as the steam install. This is problematic for some users who want to upgrade to SSDs and have the benefits of quick loading times for the steam install and your go to games on your primary SSD drive (which are only cheap in capacities less than 120 gigs or so) AND having your entire library of steam games installed on a larger HDD.

price reduction notifications
It would be great if steam could notify me any time a game on my wishlist was reduced in price or goes on sale. If this could actually replace the popup ads it would be great.

Game sorting options for multiple computers
I have two computers. On my desktop, my primary gaming PC, they are organized into favorites, not played, not installed, Valve, and games. This organization is not particularly usefull on my laptop as many games from all of those categories won't run on it. It would be better if I could just organize them into "will run on my laptop" and "other".

Give duplicate copies for Valve games when a user already owns them
If a user already owns a game (ie Half Life) and purchases a package that includes it (ie the orange box or valve complete pack) they should get gift copies of all the games they already own. I understand that it might be difficult to do this for other packs as its hard to get developers and publishers on board, but you should at least do it for your own games.

Thats my feedback, hope you guys put it to good use,