View Full Version : Puzzle Agent 2: Did I glitch something? (SPOILERS)

12-26-2011, 10:37 AM
If you haven't beaten Puzzle Agent 2 yet, read at your own risk. Spoilers abound!

So, I just finished Puzzle Agent 2. However, there was a lot of inconsistency with the plot, and I want to make sure that this is what is supposed to happen

I'm with Isaac Davner at the Hermes II site. The agents are around. After Tethers hit one in the head with a rock, he walk up to the ray machine and start the puzzle. I look at it a bit, look back to the rules, and a hand comes out of nowhere and points a gun into the file. A cutscene plays out behind the puzzle (that I can't close). After it ends, Tethers ends up in his hotel room.

After solving the puzzle to get out of his room, I end up in Olav's lodge. Tethers sit down at the audio recorder, hits play, and the Hidden People show up. One comes up to Tethers, whispers in his ear, and the screen goes black.

Now Tethers is floating in space with 4 gnomes floating around him. Each one triggers a puzzle, and solving each plays an audio clip of what sounds like people breaking into the lodge and saying things like "You can't be here!" They sound really out of place.

Anyhow, after I solve all 4 puzzles, Tethers appears next to the ray machine wearing nothing but his underwear, a sock, and a mitten. I solve the ray machine puzzle, Tethers goes insane, etc. I trigger the ending sequence.

So my question is: Did I missing something, or is the ending to this game really that incoherent?

12-30-2011, 11:21 AM
Yes, you are missing something. Here's what happened.
While you were trying to solve the the ray-machine puzzle, the FBI agents captured you, and they put you in your hotel room. After that, you go out to Olav to get the hidden people's help (i think).
They get you into a delusional state, where you float in space. When you complete the puzzles, and you finally understand why are the gnomes here, your mind gets back to the real world. As it occurs, you were going for the satellite while you were dreaming, and you end up there.