View Full Version : TS2010 + Cabon City - CC not useable? (solved)

12-29-2011, 10:28 AM
due to the nice sale going on on Steam I bought myself Cabon City + TS2010. It seems as if Steam installs both into the same folder, so I thought it should integrate everything correctly. However when I now launch either of the two programmes from Steam I cannot access Cabon City anymore. On the route list it only shows 5 or 6 Trainz default routes, but not Cabon City. From the sessions menu it is also not accessable.
I mainly bought TS2010 to get additional editor functions for Cabon City which I have read about.

How can I play Cabon City again without removing TS2010?

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Did two things now:
- from the main menu I downloaded two "Auran" Updates, still over a 1.000 updates available for all sorts of stuff
- performed a database repair in the content manager

As a result I mysteriously got one additional route in the menu, but still no Cabon City. The CD Key is registered properly in the launcher...

Edit 2: ok, it was the favorite route gold star thingy which was activated by default. Who does that?! Cabon City is running now...