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12-31-2011, 08:51 PM
So what exactly does the Empire do that the Elven Alliance doesn't do better? It seems on the whole, the Alliance are better in both units and magic. What am I missing?

01-23-2012, 02:38 PM
OK, so I've made an account here and waited in queue to get it activated, just to write this reply :P

I'll try to make it short, so...here goes.



Centaurs are decent melee units but lack in upgrades. The Chargers are great rushing units, but in the late game, they are next to useless (apart from tanking with defend all the time) due to their low damage (even with +levels gained). The XP limit is another problem. Having such a low XP bar (around 500 I believe), makes them lose a lot of XP from way too often overflows.

The other option is even more useless being comparable only to the Grand Inquisitor which is mediocre, to say the least. Still, lack of armor and the low initiative make the Centaur Savages way to vulnerable to be worth your while.

On the other hand, the Empire has those awesome Defenders of Faith; with 20 (+1 added per level) armor and 70 initiative, IMO they are one of the best (one square) unit in the game (only Phantom Warriors best these guys).


Here, there are no doubts, The Alliance is the clear victor, as the best Empire ranged unit is only comparable to the Stinger, a mediocre archer IMO (if you plan on rushing, the Sentries or Wardens are the way to go, due to their high initiative).


The Casters tab is a touchy subject. Many may disagree, but I believe we have a draw here; it's really a matter of preference...whether you fancy HP and damage (Empire), or speed and maybe Shatter? (Alliance); do note here that in order to be absolutely sure that you hit first, you need to have the initiative with at least +10 more than your oponent's. So 45 vs. 40 is not that great.


Another touchy subject. But here I'd say the clear winner would be the Empire. 70 heal all + Cure is a much better deal than any ward (which can be easily obtained through magic as duels rarely last more than 2 turns :P) + that cr@ppy 50-55 heal all.


Here I was, thinking this would be easy. Again, it's a matter of preference, either defensive or offensive spells. I fancy defensive spells as they prove to be much more useful against towns or capitals, so I'll have to go with the Empire on this one as well (the only two spells they lack would be a level 2 damage spell, and an armor reducing one).

Bottom line, the Alliance offers more options (especially in terms of archers) but are somewhat weaker overall (lower health). Anyway, they both put up a good fight :)

Hope this helps...